• Our Research

    The George Weston Ltd. Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains maintains a portfolio of research programs in leading edge, non-competitive areas of priority in supply chain management to advance the long-term sustainability of supply chains. This work is expressed in peer-reviewed publications, white papers, media, and both academic and practitioner forums. It informs the development of unique educational programs and materials focused on sustainable supply chains.

    The Centre invites collaborators including researchers, firms interested in supporting research, NGOs, and government to work with us. To discuss your research needs, please contact us.

Our Approach to Sustainable Supply Chain Research

This is a rapidly evolving area of theory, method, and practice. It is cross-disciplinary and multi method because it has to address the long-term challenges facing supply chains. Supply chain management currently strives to integrate previously separate bodies of knowledge such as operations, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, materials management, demand planning and many specializations and communities of practice. Sustainability likewise has emerged from decades of work in the many sub disciplines of the natural and social sciences to focus on assuring the wellbeing of future generations. Centre research is focused on the intersection of these two major bodies of knowledge and the opportunities to translate the current state of knowledge into new empirically backed insights and applications that support better managerial decision making by supply chain managers in all sectors of the economy.

Current Research Initiatives

Apart from supporting the individual academic research agendas of outstanding scholars, the Centre has initiated targeted programs of collaboration to address specific gaps in our knowledge that impact the attainment of sustainable supply chains. Here we briefly describe current initiatives where work is in progress. Please feel free to inquire about participating or contributing to these initiatives.

  • Our Research Team

    Our faculty associates come from varied backgrounds including business, statistics, business analytics, accounting and sustainability among others and possess a wide variety of global work and consulting experiences. These researchers pursue their own unique approaches to topics at the intersection of sustainability and supply chain management.

    Research themes include: AI & Machine Learning; Blockchain; Business Analytics; Buyer-Supplier Relationships; Corporate Social Responsibility; Crisis Management; Demand Fulfillment Analytics; Digital Transformation; Disaster Management; Health Industry Management; Information Systems; Operations Management; Risk Management; Supply Chain Securitization; Supply Disruptions; and Sustainability Management.

M. Johnny Rungtusanatham

“Our faculty engages in theory-driven, methodologically-appropriate research to help mature and entrepreneurial, for-profit and non-profit, manufacturing and services organizations overcome supply chain and information integrity problems while achieving sustainable organizational goals.”

M. Johnny RungtusanathamCanada Research Chair in Supply Chain Management (Tier 1); Professor & Area Coordinator, Operations Management & Information Systems
  • Annual Research Forum

    Supply Chain Challenges: Practical Insights from Emerging Academic Research is an annual research forum for invited Canadian-based academic researchers to present emerging research findings relevant to solving business challenges firms encounter in designing, optimizing, and sustaining their supply chains.

    The forum is an initiative of the George Weston Ltd. Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains and the Operations Management & Information Systems Area of the Schulich School of Business, in partnership with Supply Chain Canada.

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Partner with Us:

Is your organization up for the challenges ahead? The George Weston Ltd. Centre invites research collaboration with academia, industry, government, and community. Do you have a research idea or are you interested in opportunities to collaborate with our team? Contact us below.

Current research opportunities include (but are not limited to):

Faculty-led Research Projects: Our faculty team can work with you to develop research projects that address a specific organizational need.

Student-Industry Capstone Projects: Student-teams from the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program can work with your organization to solve a business problem through our annual capstone projects.

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    George Weston Ltd. Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains
    Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building, Room G230,
    Schulich School of Business, York University,
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    Email: gwlscc@schulich.yorku.ca

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