• Alumni Recognition Awards

    The Schulich School of Business Alumni Recognition Awards were established in 1992 to recognize the outstanding professional, personal and community achievements of graduates and friends of the Schulich School of Business.

    Going forward, we will be announcing several winners for different categories within Outstanding Contributions to the School at our Volunteer Appreciation Event taking place in the Spring. 

  • Alumni Recognition Award Sculpture


    “The sculpture is an artistic abstraction of the Schulich School’s status as a global leader. Its upward twisting flow reflects Schulich’s confidence in its ability to shape the future of business management. Internal bubbles combine with ‘sky is the limit’ blue to reflect innovation and creative thinking. I wanted award recipients to recognize their own achievements in the sculpture’s positive aspects.” Jeff Goodman (1961 – 2012)

2023 Alumni Recognition Award Recipients

Dennis Mitchell Headshot
Dennis Mitchell (MBA ’03) Outstanding Executive Leadership
Michon Williams Headshot
Michon Williams (MBA ’08) Outstanding Progress and Achievement
Ron Sidon Headshot
Ron Sidon (MBA ’68) Outstanding Public Contribution












Outstanding Executive Leadership

Awarded to a graduate who has demonstrated extraordinary achievement, leadership and innovation in a global operation.

Dennis Mitchell (MBA 2003)

CEO and CIO, Starlight Capital

Dennis Mitchell is the CEO and CIO for Starlight Capital, an investment management firm where he has worked for more than 5 years. Prior to Starlight Capital, he spent time at Sprott as a Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager. Mitchell was the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Sentry Select Capital Corporation for more than 10 years prior to joining Sprott. He also spent some time at RBC Financial Group as a GLP Associate and prior to this, he started his career at Scotiabank as a Financial Advisor in 1998.

Mitchell is the Founder and a Member of the Steering, Governance and Planning Committee for the Black Opportunity Fund. In 2021, he was awarded the Black Business and Professionals Association’s Harry Jerome President’s Award. He is also a Board Member for the Toronto Foundation where he has been for more than six years.

Dennis Mitchell has showcased his leadership qualities having been in many prominent leadership roles across multiple big organizations, with over 17 years of tenure and experience within the financial and investment industry.

Outstanding Progress and Achievement

Awarded to a graduate who has demonstrated outstanding career potential and achieved success and recognition in their field.

Michon Williams (MBA 2008)

Chief Technology Officer, Walmart Canada

Michon Williams is the current Chief Technology Officer at Walmart Canada, where she has held this role since 2021. Prior to her current role, Williams was the Vice-President of Information Technology and the Canada Country Lead at The TJX Companies Inc. She has worked at BMO as the Lead Technology Officer & Director, and was responsible for the areas of Marketing, Corporate Solutions, and BMO.com. Williams has also held several roles at RBC as Senior Manager in the Retail Technology Program, Enterprise Architecture, Accessibility, and Usability, and IT Planning and Control, Applications and Infrastructure. She also held various roles as an Assistant Manager, Project Manager, and Manager of Digital Channels (eCommerce) between 2002 - 2007.

From 2007 to 2012, Williams was an Instructor of Business Applications and Tools at the Schulich School of Business. In her role, she designed and delivered training to MBA students on business applications and tools for analysis, decision making and storytelling. In 2022, Williams was shortlisted for the Women in IT – Team of the Year award, issued by Bonhill Women in IT Awards Canada.

Williams has been involved in various environment, sustainability, leadership and advocacy organizations/committees, she has volunteered at several organizations that promote careers in technology and also several organizations involved in accessibility and inclusive design.

Outstanding Public Contribution

Awarded to a graduate who has made a significant contribution to public life.

Ron Sidon (MBA 1968)

Philanthropic Projects and Mentor of Engineering and Business, JSD Inc.

Ron Sidon (MBA ’68) is currently the philanthropic projects and mentor of engineering and business for Jarmal Sidon Development Inc. where he continues to hold and control his various acquired businesses. Prior to JSD, Sidon started his career at IBM as a systems and sales engineer. Three years later, he started his first-of-five business ventures which includes Enertech R & D, where he invented and patented the first cream-dispensing machine. Tim Hortons and McDonald’s were among the first customers.

Sidon has made significant impact to his own community while volunteering to mentor several small engineering-based companies in Ontario including iMerciv Inc., Good Robot and Blade Filters. He assisted and provided funding to the restoration of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) pedestrian bridge, which now bears his name. He also volunteers at Tetra Society where he helps create customized assistive devices for people with physical disabilities.

Sidon has also made extensive contributions abroad in Tanzania, where he helped establish a consistent form of water for 3500 residents and helped children gain more access to soccer equipment alongside a construction project built to help volunteer parents cook meals for students.

In 2022, Sidon was awarded the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship by the Ontario Professional Engineers Awards (OPEA) Gala.

  • Past Award Recipients

    The Schulich School of Business Alumni Recognition Awards were established in 1992 to recognize the outstanding professional, personal and community achievements of graduates and friends of the Schulich School of Business.

    Outstanding Executive Leadership

    2023 Dennis Mitchell (MBA ’03)
    2021 Vince Commisso (MBA ’92)
    2019 Michael S. Rousseau (BBA ’81)
    2018 Jasper Cheung (MBA ’90)
    2017 Stephen J. Sadler (MBA ’79)
    2015 Ron Mock (MBA ’79, Hon LLD ’17)
    2014 Michael Cooper (MBA ’86)
    2013 Frank Vettese (BBA ’86, MBA ’91)
    2012 P. Thomas Jenkins (MBA ’87, Hon LLD ’15)
    2011 Ellis Jacob (MBA ’76)
    2008 Bharat B. Masrani (BBA ’78, MBA’79, Hon LLD ’17)
    2007 Robert R. McEwen (MBA ’78, Hon LLD’05)
    2005 Robert C. Krembil (MBA ’71, Hon LLD’00)
    2004 Richard E. Waugh (MBA ’74, Hon LLD’07)
    2001 Kathleen P. Taylor (MBA/JD ’84, Hon LLD ’14)
    2000 W. David Wilson (MBA ’70)
    1999 Edmund Hau Wah Ho (BBA ’78)
    1998 H. Anthony Arrell (MBA ’68, Hon LLD ’08)
    1997 Steven K. Hudson (BBA ’81)
    1996 Alan G. McNally (MBA ’69, Hon LLD’99)
    1995 John S. Hunkin (MBA ’69, Hon LLD’04)
    1994 Sheelagh D. Whittaker (MBA ’75)
    1993 Morris A. Perlis (MBA ’72)
    1992 William A. Dimma (MBA ’69, Hon LLD ’98)

    Outstanding Progress and Achievement

    2023 Michon Williams (MBA ’08)
    2021 Tracey Pearce (MBA ’96)
    2019 Roman S. Dubczak (MBA ’87)
    2018 S. Jane Rowe (MBA ’82)
    2017 Stacey A. Mowbray (MBA ’88)
    2015 Kishore Moorjani (BBA ’94, MBA ’95)
    2014 John Ruffolo (BBA ’88)
    2013 Patrick Iaboni (BBA ’93, MBA ’94)
    2012 Craig Kielburger (EMBA ’09, Hon LLD ’13)
    2011 Denise M. Pickett (MBA ’90)
    2008 Roma R. Khanna (MBA ’01)
    2007 Hana E. Zalzal (MBA ’92)
    2005 James P. O’Sullivan (MBA/JD ’90)
    2004 Grant E. Rasmussen (MBA ’93)
    2001 Sheila A. Carroll (MBA ’98)
    2001 Andrew K. Montgomery (MBA ’98)
    2000 Sylvia Lien (IMBA ’97)
    2000 Ron Tattum (MBA/JD ’97)
    1999 Beth M. Waldman (MBA ’96)
    1999 Rommie Bhutani (MBA ’96)
    1998 Robert J. Gemmell (MBA/JD ’83)
    1997 Dan A. Plashkes (MBA ’83)
    1996 Paul G. Howes (MBA ’84)
    1995 Terence G. Kawaja (MBA/JD’89)
    1994 Paul S. Alofs (MBA ’83, Hon LLD ’19)
    1993 Janice P. Anderson (MBA ’89)
    1992 Kimberley J. Gaynor (MBA ’89)


    Outstanding Public Contribution

    2023 Ron Sidon (MBA ’68)
    2021 Robert C. Wong (MBA ’72)
    2019 Laura Michalchyshyn (MBA ’93)
    2018 M. Marianne Harris (MBA/JD ’83)
    2017 Philip A. Taylor (MBA ’79)
    2014 J. Mark Lievonen (BBA ’79, MBA ’87, Hon LLD ’15)
    2013 Janice R. Fukakusa (MBA ’79, Hon LLD ’16)
    2012 Thomas Closson (MBA ’79)
    2011 Colleen M. Johnston (BBA ’82, Hon LLD ’18)
    2008 Richard D. Falconer (MBA ’70)
    2007 Rose T. Reisman (MBA ’85)
    2005 Carol A. Hansell (MBA/JD ’86)
    2001 Patricia M. Campbell (MBA ’88)
    2000 Anne L. Swarbrick (MBA ’98)
    1999 Jacques F. Lagassé (MBA ’69)
    1998 Carol A. Wilding (BBA ’83)
    1997 Eileen A. Mercier (MBA ’77, Hon LLD ’10)
    1996 Peter C. Maurice (MBA ’70)
    1995 John (Jack) H. Yocom (MBA ’70)
    1994 David L. Morton (MBA ’68)
    1993 Julie A. White (MBA ’84)
    1992 Carol Anne Letheren (MBA ’77)


    Outstanding Contribution to the Schulich School of Business

    2021 Paul Labbé (Presented Posthumously)
    2018 Dominic Barton (Hon LLD ’12)
    2017 Jonathan Cheung (MBA ’73)
    2015 Schuyler M. (Skip) Sigel
    2014 Howard Lichtman (JD ’79, MBA ’82)
    2013 Bill Graham (MBA ’86)
    2012 Pam Laycock (MBA ’89)
    2011 Timothy Price (Hon LLD ’09)
    2008 Thomas H. Beechy
    2007 Ann Marie Yamamoto (MBA ’83)
    2005 Gordon C. Shaw
    2004 Paul W. Tsaparis (MBA ’84)
    2001 James G. Foy (MBA ’67)
    2000 Ronald H. Farmer
    1999 Gregory C. Coutts (MBA ’83)
    1999 Sashya D’Souza (MBA ’00)*
    1998 Eric Angelini (MBA/JD ’98)*
    1997 Marshall A. Cohen (Hon LLD ’86)
    1996 George R. Gardiner (Hon LLD ’82)
    1994 Elmer S. Phillips
    1993 Murray G. Ross (Hon DLitt ’71)
    1992 James M. Gillies (Hon LLD ’06)

    *Significant Student Contribution