EMBA Tuition


The program fee for the 2025-2026 class is CDN $113,219 (Domestic) and CDN $143,412(International). This fee can be paid in instalments and includes: tuition; required books and course materials; organized meals during class weekends at the Schulich School; organized meals and accommodation during the Schulich Launch Week; organized meals and accommodation for the required off-site modules. These off-site modules1 are the following: the Kellogg Global Network Week; a project-based trip and the Global Electives Module. Students have the opportunity to personalize the program for their individual career objectives by attending a Global Electives Module at a partner school location. Please consult the Application Guide for full details on the program fees.

*Please note that fees are set on an annual basis and are subject to change. In addition, tuition fee waivers do not apply to the EMBA Program.
†Plus mandatory supplementary fee of CDN  $1,513. This fee is updated and charged per academic year.
1Please note that students are responsible for their travel costs for the off-site modules, including the necessary immigration or visa documentation, to enter the country of the partner school. Students are also responsible for any cost associated with complying with the vaccine or testing requirements of the destination country, including the cost associated with quarantine requirements, where applicable.

Loan Programs

Canadian citizens or landed immigrants may apply for a professional line of credit with any recognized Canadian financial institution. The following financial institutions are familiar with graduate programs at the Schulich School of Business.

The RBC Logo Picture of the TD Bank Logo Picture of the CIBC Logo
Vincy Chen (Schulich campus branch)
(416) 665-2596
Angele Benoit-Chafe
(905) 738-3492
Usam Naser
(905) 832-2352
Pina Angelucci
(905) 660-6068 ext. 300
Alexi Ktami (Mobile Team)
(844) 395-4852 ext. 2026

Lifelong Learning Plan

The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) permits Canadian citizens or landed immigrants to withdraw up to $10,000 a year (maximum $20,000) from their registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) to finance training or education. For further details, please consult the government’s website at: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/rrsps-related-plans/lifelong-learning-plan.html.

International Loan Programs

US citizens and permanent residents of the United States are eligible to apply for the Federal Direct Student Loan Program and the Graduate or Professional PLUS (GRAD PLUS) Loans Program through the US government. Further details are available at: https://sfs.yorku.ca/aid/usloans


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