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Schulich’s scholars have transformed the way management educators understand the core intersect between business and society. As a knowledge enterprise, Schulich boasts a vibrant and eclectic research community that is renowned for its excellence and achievements. Our mission is to mobilize knowledge and distill it for practice.

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    Spotlight on Research

    Keep up to date with the latest research news and insights from Schulich’s leading thinkers.

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    Discover some of the most innovative scholars in the world base on areas of research expertise.

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    Faculty Impact

    Take a deep dive into the achievements of some of the most celebrated researchers in their respective fields.

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    Keep a pulse on large-scale projects that are currently in the works.

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    See where academic rigour meets real-world relevance to drive innovations for business and society.

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    Publications Database

    Enhance your knowledge with a searchable database, which includes a catalogue of “open-access” publications.

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