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    Information regarding Graduate level admissions

    Below you will find information about our application process, admission procedures, degrees, GPA, GMAT/GRE, transcript guidelines, essays, work experience, references, and English proficiency for our graduate programs. Please select the section you have a question about to find the most commonly asked questions with their answers and documents with application tips.

    If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here you can connect with a member of the admissions team.

    For PhD Admission FAQs, visit the PhD Program webpage.

  • The Application Process The Application Process

    How do I apply?

    The application starts by creating a profile in our online system. Once you submit your profile page, check your email to create a password for your application. It may take up to 15 minutes for the email to arrive. Save that email for reference, as it also contains the permanent link to the application portal. You will then be able to begin your application and upload your documents.

    How much does it cost to apply?

    The application fee is $150CAD payable online with any major credit card.  If you are a graduate of Schulich, that application fee can be waived prior to submission.  If you pay the application fee, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund.

    If you have any questions, contact admissions@schulich.yorku.ca

    How do the applications rounds work?

    We recommend that you apply to the earliest round possible for admission consideration. When you apply in a given round, your application will be assessed against other applicants to that round. If you are not eligible for admission to the round for which you applied, your application may be refused, or wait-listed and held for review in subsequent rounds.

    Can I apply to more than one round or program?

    Students may only submit a single application for a given entry point. Students are not permitted to apply in multiple rounds or to multiple programs.

    Can I apply before I have written the GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL?

    Yes. You can indicate the date of a future test on your application and submit it prior to writing. It is recommended that your scores are received within 4 weeks of the application deadline for the round to which you applied.

    When will a decision be issued?

    Applications will be reviewed following each round deadline. The usual turnaround time is 6-8 weeks* from the deadline.

    International applicants are always encouraged to apply in the earliest round possible to allow for time to receive a decision and apply for a study permit. For current study permit processing times please click here.

    *Due to the current high volume of applications received for our masters programs, please expect delays in our response time. There is no need to contact our admissions team. They will reach out in the event that additional information is needed. We appreciate your patience.

    Do I need to send in official documents?

    You can apply with unofficial documents that are scanned and uploaded to your application. Please ensure all information on scanned documents is clear and legible. Remember to include the grade scale for each institution; this information is often found on the back or at the end of the transcript.

    If you are admitted, you will then be required to submit official copies of your transcripts, GMAT/GRE test scores and English proficiency test results (if applicable). Official transcripts and test results must be sent directly from the issuing institution to be considered official. Please refer to the transcript guidelines for details.

    Official GMAT/GRE Score – Send the official digital copy using the following codes:

    Master of Accounting (MAcc): GMAT code Z75-X8-38, GRE code 5697

    Master of Finance (MF): GMAT code Z75-X8-02, GRE code 5697

    Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure (MREI): GMAT code Z75-X8-77, GRE code 5697

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Full-Time: GMAT code Z75-X8-30, GRE code 5697

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Part-Time: GMAT code Z75-X8-23, GRE code 5697

    PhD Program: GMAT code Z75-X8-80, GRE code 5697

    Kellogg-Schulich EMBA Program: GMAT code Z75-X8-18, GRE code 5697

    Official TOEFL Score – Send official digital copy using the following codes: TOEFL code is B710 with Department Code 02.

    Which part of the application is most important?

    We take a holistic approach during the application review process and all components of the application are thoroughly reviewed. There is no particular weight assigned to any of the components in the application.

    Are late applications accepted?

    We will accept applications after the final round deadline based on space availability in the program. If you are applying after the final deadline, please connect with a member of the admissions team to discuss next your steps.

    Undergraduate Degrees Undergraduate Degrees

    I do not have an undergraduate degree in business. Can I apply?

    Yes. In fact, most of our successful MBA candidates come from non-business backgrounds.

    In the case of the Master of Finance applicants are required to have taken courses in economics, statistics and calculus at the undergraduate level, but a business degree is not required.

    For the Master of Business Analytics, we require strong quantitative work in your undergraduate studies, as shown by courses in math and statistics, but not a specific degree type.

    Admission to the Master of Accounting requires that you have completed a four-year degree in business from a Canadian institution. If you have not, you may be considered for admission to the Diploma in Intermediate Accounting, which can then allow you to enter the MAcc upon successful completion of the DIAc.

    I studied business/commerce/accounting during my undergraduate studies. Can I apply to the Master of Management?

    No. The MMgt is designed for students who have not taken an undergraduate degree in business. If you have completed a business degree but have no work experience you may consider applying to one of our Specialized Masters programs. If you possess two years of post-graduate, full time work experience you may be consider applying to the MBA.

    My degree is from outside of Canada, how will it be assessed?

    The Schulich School of Business Admissions Unit will assess academic qualifications for applicants who have degrees (or the equivalent) from non-Canadian institutions based on transcripts submitted. Original copies of your transcripts must be submitted and must be in English or translated into English by a registered translator. We will not accept external evaluations (i.e. World Education Services) assessments for admission purposes.

    I have a degree from a Canadian College. Am I eligible to apply?

    Applicants with degrees from recognized Canadian Colleges are eligible to apply for admission to some of our graduate programs. Please see the detailed Admission Requirements for your program of interest.

    I do not have a degree. Can I apply?

    Each year Schulich will consider applications from a small number of mature students who do not possess an undergraduate degree for admission to the MBA. To be considered without a degree, an applicant must have at least eight years of high quality management experience and must have demonstrated a strong upward progression in his or her career. For more information please connect with a member of the admissions team.

    Download Schulich’s Application Tips for Transcripts


    How is the GPA calculated?

    The admissions committee will calculate your GPA based on the last two years of credits obtained during the most recent degree that you completed. In the case of your most recent degree being a one-year masters degree, the GPA of the entire degree will be used.

    A full year course will be given a value of 2 and a half year course will be given a value of 1. The last 20 half courses will be assessed. If 20th course falls in the middle of a term then the entire term will be used in the GPA calculation.

    All courses in the last two years of study will be included in the calculation, regardless of year level or subject, with the exception of pass/fail courses. If you have repeated a course, the higher grade will be used.

    What is a B average?

    A B average is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or 74-76% depending on the grading scale on your university transcript. For international degrees this may vary. The grading scale provided on your university transcript will help to determine if you fall within this range.

    What is a B+ average?

    A B+ average is a 3.3 on a 4.0 scale or 77-79% depending on the grading scale on your university transcript. For international degrees this may vary. The grading scale provided on your university transcript will help to determine if you fall within this range.

    My GPA is lower than the requirement. Should I apply?

    This depends on the strengths in your profile and your program of interest. We recommend you connect with a member of the admissions team to discuss your case.

    GMAT and GRE GMAT and GRE

    What is the GMAT? Why is it required?

    The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a standardized entrance exam, which consists of four main parts: the Quantitative section, the Verbal section, the Integrated Reasoning section, and the Analytical Writing Assessment.

    The GMAT is a highly reliable predictor of student performance, as well as the most powerful tool available to graduate management admissions professionals for measuring the skills students need to succeed in today’s classroom.

    How should I prepare for the test?

    We do not recommend a specific test prep method. There are numerous online and off-line resources available for students to prepare for the test.

    Where can I register to take the test?

    You can register for the exam at mba.com. The cost of the exam is $250 USD.

    What is minimum competitive score?

    While we do not have a GMAT cut-off, in order to be considered for admission MBA candidates must have a minimum score of 550. A competitive score for the MBA programs based on our successful candidates is 660 with a balanced score (at least 50th percentile) across all four measures of the exam.

    For our Masters degrees, competitive scores will vary by program. Below are the average GMAT scores of students who were admitted to the Fall 2017 intakes:

    Master of Accounting – 640

    Master of Business Analytics – GMAT is not required

    Master of Finance – 640

    Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure – 580 (GMAT is optional)

    Master of Management – GMAT is not required

    Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence – GMAT is not required

    Master of Marketing – GMAT is not required

    Master of Supply Chain Management – GMAT is not required

    Master of Health Industry Administration – GMAT is not required

    Can the GMAT be waived?

    All applicants are required to complete the GMAT if they wish to be eligible for admission, regardless of their academic or professional profile. Please note that the GMAT is waived for CFA Level 1 holders and CPAs applying only to the Master of Finance (MF).

    Master of Business Analytics (MBAN), Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence (MMAI), Master of Management (MMgt), Master of Marketing (MMKG), and Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) do not require GMAT for admission into the program.

    Submission of a GMAT score is optional for the Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure (MREI). See Admission Requirements for full policy. 

    Can the GRE be used for admission consideration instead of the GMAT?

    Yes, the GRE is accepted for admission consideration to all of our graduate programs.

    The GRE measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills through three sections. The GRE features questions that closely reflect the kind of thinking you will do and the skills you need to succeed in a business school program.

    What is the minimum GRE score?

    You should have a balanced score (at least 50th percentile) across all three measures of the exam. A competitive score should be equivalent to the GMAT scores stated above. To determine your GRE’s equivalent GMAT score please use this comparison tool.

    I have written the GMAT or GRE multiple times. Will this affect my profile?

    The admissions committee will consider the best total score obtained. An average of all tests is not taken.

    Download Schulich’s Application Tips for Test Prep

    Official Transcript Guidelines
    Official Transcript Guidelines

    The Schulich School of Business requires all post-secondary academic transcripts to be sent to us as part of your application package.

    Please arrange to have the official documents sent to us before the start of your first term. The latest date to provide outstanding official documents to clear the conditions on your admission offer is before the end of your first term of studies.

    Failure to provide the official documents will result in an enrolment block being placed on your record for your second term.

    Official transcripts can be sent in one of three ways:

    1. Ground Mail

    Official transcripts are those that are issued directly by the institution and are sent to us in a sealed and stamped envelope. If the envelope is unsealed, the transcript will no longer be considered official.

    If the university will not send transcripts directly, you can forward the transcript to us. The original envelope must remain unopened with its seals signed and stamped by the university.


    Schulich School of Business, Room W263 111 Ian Macdonald Blvd,
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3

    MBA in India/DIAc in India:
    Students admitted to and enrolled in the MBA in India or DIAc in India programs can send official transcripts and/or degree certificate by ground mail to the Hyderabad campus.

    To, GMR School of Business.
    C/O Prasanthi Yellamaty
    Address: GMR School of Business,
    Block A1, Opp to Aero towers,
    Airport Campus, Shamshabad,
    Hyderabad 500409

    **Indian students who cannot provide official transcripts or degree certificates because their institution only issues one copy must send their documents to the University with a request for verification. Verified copies of the transcripts and degree certificate must be stamped “Verified” by the Controller of Examinations confirming that the student has attended the institution and attained the degree. The verified copies must be sent directly to our office to be considered “official.”**

    2. Digital Official E-Transcript

    If the institutions that you have attended provide Official Transcripts in digital format, you may arrange with your institutions to send the official transcripts directly to us via email to admissions@schulich.yorku.ca.

    Official e-transcripts will be accepted if sent directly to admissions@schulich.yorku.ca by your university Registrar’s Office or university designated person. (Note: Only transcripts received directly from the institutions are considered official.)

    3. World Education Services (WES) Canada

    WES ICAP Report is deemed acceptable by York University as official documents. To submit a WES ICAP Report, please visit the WES Schulich Requirement for instructions.


    1Official documents sent by mail will have longer processing time. Please refrain from contacting us to confirm receipt of documents. Official documents will be reviewed on a regular basis as received. 

    2Transcript received does not mean that the documents have been verified. You will receive an email confirmation that all admission conditions have been lifted only after all conditions have been met and all required official documents have been verified.

    3To be considered “official”, it must be evident that you have had no direct access to the transcripts. Transcripts must come directly from, and bear the seal of, the issuing institution. If the institution issues transcripts directly to you, the envelope must be sealed by the institution and remain sealed until opened by York University / Schulich Recruitment & Admissions to be considered official. Photocopied or faxed transcripts are not accepted. If transcripts are in another language, an official English translation is required. If the name on your transcript differs from the legal name that you currently use, please make sure that you include your former name on your application form.

    Essays Essays

    Is there a word limit for the written essays?

    Yes. There is a 350 word limit for the essays. You cannot exceed this limit.

    How long will I have for the timed written essay?

    You will have up to 5 minutes to complete the timed written essay.

    Download Schulich’s Application Tips for Written Essays

    Is there a specific topic I will need to discuss in the video essays?

    Yes. You will be asked two questions that will help us get to know you and your communication style better. The questions are randomly selected from a bank of possible topics.

    Are the video essays live?

    No. You will be recorded giving your responses for review by the admissions team after your application has been submitted.

    How long are the video essays?

    You will have up to 90 seconds to respond to each question.

    Download Schulich’s Application Tips for Video Essays

    May I complete them a second time if I feel I did poorly?

    No. Applicants will have one chance to complete their timed written and video essays. Take time to complete the practice questions and ensure that you read the linked tips page above to prepare.

    Work Experience Work Experience

    What is relevant work experience for the MBA?

    Relevant work experience can be in any industry or in any function. The admissions committee is looking for progression and growth in your role throughout time with the organization. Please ensure that your resume highlights the impact that you have made in your work environment.

    Does my co-op/internship count as work experience?

    Co-ops or internships that were completed as a formal part of your degree, and are noted on your transcript, may be counted for up to 12-months of work experience.

    What is life experience?

    In special cases, the admissions committee may consider life experience to satisfy the work experience requirement. Examples include two years volunteering overseas or successful completion of a 2-year masters program.

    If I have more than 2 years of work experience, can I apply to the Master of Management?

    No. Students with 2 years or more of post-graduate, full-time work experience are not eligible for the MMgt. We would encourage you to apply to the MBA or IMBA to further your business education.

    Download Schulich’s Application Tips for your Resume

    Download Schulich’s Resume Template

    References References

    Who should I ask to provide a reference?

    If you have been out of school for a significant period of time (more than two years), it is best to provide two professional references. Professional references should come from someone with whom you have had a direct reporting relationship.

    If you are a recent graduate applying to a program that does not require professional experience you may use academic references. In the case of the Master of Management and Master of Marketing, applicants are required to submit at least one academic reference.

    How do I submit my references?

    Referees are required to use the reference form sent to them through the online application system. Applicants must add their referees to the reference provider list. Once each referee is saved, they will be sent a link to the online form. The completed form is automatically attached to your application and sent directly to the Graduate Admissions office for review.

    Can my referee submit a letter instead of the form?

    No. All references must be submitted using the form sent to them through online application system. The comments section will allow for any additional information about the applicant to be shared.

    What is the deadline for my referee to submit their response?

    While there is no formal deadline by which your referee must respond, it is recommended that you ask your referee to complete the request at their earliest convenience.

    Download Schulich’s Application Tips for References

    English Language Proficiency English Language Proficiency

    What are the minimum scores required on the acceptable English language tests?

    The following minimum scores are acceptable for admission consideration

    IELTS (Academic Test) – Minimum 7.0 overall, with no less than 6.5 on each section

    TOEFL – Minimum 100 on the iBT, with no less than 23 on each section (Schulich’s TOEFL code is B710)

    Can this requirement be waived?

    If you have studied full-time at a university where the language of instruction and examination were English for at least two years you will not be required to submit an English proficiency test score.

    Please note that your official university transcripts or supporting documentation from the university must state the degree was taught in English.

    Tuition and Financial Aid Tuition and Financial Aid

    How much is tuition?

    Please visit our Tuition page for more information.

    Where can I find more information on scholarships and funding opportunities?

    Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information on scholarships and applying for funding.