Alumni2Student Mentorship

Impact the student experience

As a mentor, you will connect one-on-one with a Schulich student and share your professional advice, industry insights and help them develop:

  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Job search strategies

The mentorship program spans the academic year (September to April). We encourage you to meet with your student mentee a minimum of four times. This will give you and your student the time to build a meaningful mentorship relationship.


Mentors require 2 years of full time work experience and must be currently employed.

How to register

Click “Alumni Mentor Registration” button below to sign-in to the Schulich Alumni Online Community.
In your profile, check “Willing to Mentor” and “Alumni2Student Mentorship”.
Students enrolled in the Mentorship Program will be able to view your alumni profile on the Online Community and send you a request for mentorship.
Check your email for requests from “Schulich Alumni Connect” and log in to your profile regularly to check for messages and keep your information up to date.

Alumni: Click here to read alumni guidelines for the Mentorship Program. These guidelines will assist you in your mentor experience.

Students: Visit the Services for Students page for more information on joining the mentorship program.

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Alumni2Alumni Connections

Designed for Schulich Alumni who are looking to grow their professional network, Alumni2Alumni (A2A) Connections links Schulich alumni in one-on-one conversations with fellow alumni peers. All Schulich alumni are invited to join this program.
Peer-to-peer coaching is a valuable tool for professional development. An alumni peer can:

  • Share knowledge
  • Impart on best practices
  • Amplify new skills and techniques
  • Build competencies
  • Provide new perspective on overcoming challenges
  • Give feedback and advice on how to further your professional goals

The benefits of volunteering for A2A Connections include:

  • Gain valuable insights and learn different perspectives
  • Build camaraderie and positivity
  • Making an impact on a fellow alum’s career path

A2A Connections provide the means to find and connect alumni peers for one interaction. You can choose to continue meeting outside the framework of this program for as long as you both find mutually beneficial.

Click here to read further details in the A2A Connections program guidelines.

How to register – Volunteer for A2A Connections (Share your advice)

Sign-in to the Schulich Alumni Online Community ( In your profile, check Willing to be a Mentor and Alumni2Alumni Connections. Fellow alumni will be able to search the directory, view your profile and make a Request for mentorship.

You will receive an email notification of any Request for mentorship. Sign-in to the Schulich Alumni Online Community to view this request and view the profile of the alumnus/alumna looking to connect with you. You have the option to accept or decline this request.

How to register – Find an A2A Connections (Seek advice)

Sign-in to the Schulich Alumni Online Community ( In the directory, use the Refine your Search box and check Willing to be a Mentor and Alumni2Alumni Connection to get a list of all alumni who have volunteered to connect. You may further refine your search by degree, location, industry or company if applicable.

Once you have identified a potential Alumni Connection, visit their profile and click Request mentorship. A message box will appear where you can type in your request.

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Alumni Coffee Chats

The Schulich Alumni Coffee Chat program connects students with Schulich alumni in an informal one-on-one conversation over coffee. Coffee chats are a perfect avenue for students to gain professional insight and make connections. For alumni, this is a simple way for you to make an impact on the student experience. We thank you for sharing your time and expertise with the students.


Mentors require 2 years of full time work experience and must be currently employed.

How to register

To volunteer to have coffee with students, sign-in Schulich Alumni Online Community ( Update your profile under the “Me” tab. In the “Willing to help” section, check off Alumni Coffee Chats.

Students who have registered for the program will be able to view your profile in the Online Community and send you a message to request a coffee chat. You will receive an e-mail notification when a message has been sent to you and can respond accordingly. Please respond to any student messages within 5 business days.

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