Schulich Annual Fund

Recognizing the important role donors – alumni, faculty and staff, students, parents, industry partners and friends – play in the success of the School, the Schulich Annual Fund empowers our students to have the best educational journey at one of the world’s best business schools. Each year, our donors provide critical assistance to the Schulich Annual Fund supporting the Schulich Student Support Fund and the School’s Highest Priorities.

Areas of Support

At the heart of every gift is the desire to make a difference in our students’ lives – now and in the future. Funds raised through the Schulich Annual Fund will support the following:

Schulich Student Support Fund

No student should ever have to sacrifice an opportunity for a Schulich education due to financial constraints. Yet, students have been placed in serious financial difficulty as a result of sudden and unexpected situations. Over the years, donors have helped minimize or remove the financial barrier for countless Schulich students by making a contribution towards the Schulich Student Support Fund.

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Schulich Annual Fund Student Financial Aid Support

School’s Highest Priorities

Your gift to Schulich Highest Priorities enables the School to have the flexibility to use the funds especially in urgent situations. Supporting this fund ensures the School can effectively respond to critical needs and prioritize on new and emerging opportunities —including program development, advanced technology, innovative spaces and experiential learning activities — benefitting the student experience.

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Student Success

In addition to the Schulich Student Support Fund, donors champion student success by establishing or contributing to a scholarship, award or bursary. These gifts will provide financial support to deserving students based on academic achievement, community involvement, exemplary leadership or financial need. Our student awards are funded on an annual basis and from professionally managed endowments.

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For more information on Schulich’s Annual Fund, please contact:
Schulich’s Office of Development
(416) 650-8050

  • Empowering Students to make the most of their Schulich Journey

    Students build lifelong connections

  • Innovative Spaces for Innovative Minds

    Team Collaboration at play at the Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building

  • Expanding Student Experiential Learning Opportunities

    Team Schulich Capture a Win

  • Focus on Student Learning & Success

    Students making the most of learning resources at the business library