How much does it cost to get a copy of my academic transcript?

  • Transcripts can be ordered at a cost $15 per copy payable by credit card.
  • Orders may take up to 2 or more weeks.
  • Transcripts may be ordered online or by paper form from
  • Transcripts are on York University letterhead and list the Schulich School of Business as your faculty. The Schulich logo does not appear on your transcript.
  • Questions and completed paper order forms may be sent to

How much does it cost to get a copy of my diploma?

  • Additional or replacement diplomas cost $115 per copy.
  • Please refer to the Diploma Services website for online order instructions.
  • Diploma orders may take up to 3 or more weeks to be received.
  • Diplomas are printed according to current diploma standards and feature the York University crest and seal. The Schulich School of Business appears in print as your faculty; the Schulich logo does not appear on your diploma.
  • Questions may be directed to

How do I provide confirmation of my degree for a third party?

  • York University provides a free online service for third party (i.e. potential employers) degree verifications called YU Verify
  • For accurate results, you will need to provide your student number and last name on file with the university to the party performing the search.
  • Questions about YU Verify may be directed to
  • For information on obtaining your student number please call our Office at 416-736-5708.
  • If you require a formal confirmation of your degree, you may request a Degree Verification Letter from Student Services.
  • Please submit the Student Letter Request Form online.
  • Degree verification letters are printed on Schulich letterhead and are signed by a senior administrator. You may request the letter to confirm your degree, graduation status, and specialization.
  • Degree verification letters are free of charge and can be sent electronically or in hard copy.
  • Requests take 3-5 business days to complete and may take longer during peak periods.
  • Questions about Degree Verification Letters may be directed to

How can I be a guest speaker?

  • To be a guest speaker for a Schulich course or event, please contact the area coordinator for the specialization of your choosing to discuss opportunities.
  • A list of faculty and specializations can be found online.

How do I retrieve my log in information?

Where do I find tax forms for recent graduates?

  • Alumni can obtain and print their completed T2202A and T4A tax forms online by using the Electronic Forms Retrieval System and logging in with Passport York (see “How do I retrieve my Log In Information” above for Passport York information.)
  • The T2202A form shows how much tuition you have paid for the prior calendar year and what your Education Credits are for the period. The T4A shows any scholarships or bursaries you may have received from York.
  • Further explanation about tax forms can be found on the Tax Forms page of the Student Financial Services website