With over 90 alumni chapters in 60+ countries, the Schulich Global Alumni Network represents a highly successful community of more than 32,000 graduates from Schulich’s degree programs dating back to the first graduating class in 1967.

The mission of the Alumni Relations Office is to build long-term and highly engaged relationships with Schulich students, alumni and other stakeholders to foster a strong and connected alumni community and advance the mission of the Schulich School. Schulich’s Alumni Relations Office is actively involved in student life and promoting a lifelong alumni relationship that starts the first day you arrive at Schulich. Through an extensive schedule of events and programs to promote interaction between students and alumni, students gain access to alumni and their unique perspectives. Alumni serve as a valuable resource to current students seeking to better understand the impact of the Schulich degree experience and the many exciting opportunities that await them after Convocation.

  • As a current student, you can enhance your Schulich experience by engaging with the Alumni Relations Office. Consider:

    1. Attending Networking and Signature Events:
      As future Schulich alumni, you are encouraged to get connected to alumni, meet other students, and begin expanding your professional network right away. Consider attending some of the many Alumni industry events, professional development activities and student club events. Signature events organized during the academic year include the Schulich Alumni Recognition Awards and CONNECT: the Schulich Alumni Forum.
    1. Participating in the Schulich Alumni Mentorship Program:
      Enrich your student experience by connecting one to one with alumni through the Schulich Alumni Mentorship Program. This highly sought after Program has intake dates in both September and January and can provide you with valuable insights and knowledge designed to maximize your Schulich experience, future career development, and improve your skills. Participating Schulich alumni mentors come from the private, public and social sectors and are individually screened and selected with the student needs in mind. Open to all Schulich Masters level students and 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students. For more information, please visit the Program website: schulich.yorku.ca/alumni/studentalumniconnections
    1. Engaging Alumni in your Schulich Club Programs and Events:
      Visit with the Alumni Relations team to learn about how your Schulich student club can benefit from engaging alumni as speakers, advisors and attendees. Throughout the academic year, the Office is available to provide support and advice to ensure your club events and programming are the most successful.
    1. Connecting with Alumni Abroad:
      Schulich alumni are living and working in more than 90 countries and that means an instant community of contacts for current Schulich students that participate in official Schulich study exchanges or internships. In partnership with the International Relations Office and the CDC, the Alumni Relations Office can help connect you with alumni leaders in the region you are traveling to.
    1. Staying Informed:
      With so many events and activities taking place each day at Schulich, we encourage you to keep updated on the latest news and events by following one or all of Schulich’s exclusive Alumni social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Or, visit the Alumni website, schulich.yorku.ca/alumni, for regular updates.