Dr. Alan Middleton: a Schulich champion

As a young UK immigrant looking to expand his skills while running a marketing consultancy, Alan Middleton was intrigued by the idea of pursuing an MBA at the Schulich School of Business – then known as the Faculty of Administrative Studies.

“It was clear to me that Schulich was the place to be, and Dean Emeritus Horváth saw what was coming in management education.”  This realization led Alan Middleton to begin what would eventually turn into decades of engagement as a student, alumnus, instructor and administrator at the Schulich School of Business.

Completing his MBA in Marketing in 1977 was everything he expected and more as he moved onto new challenges in his career. Following his MBA, Alan had a successful career in marketing in Canada and Japan before doing his PhD and starting his academic career. In 1997, he also completed his PhD at Schulich.

In 1991, Middleton received a call from his alma mater to lead the Executive Education portfolio – a challenge he couldn’t resist.  Over his 19-year tenure as a highly regarded Schulich faculty member, he became an inspiration to our community and played an important role in enhancing Schulich’s reputation both nationally and internationally.

Today, as Dean Zwick leads Schulich into a renewed era of innovation and growth, Middleton wants to ensure students have the same advantages he had. He worries about the cost of education and seeks to ensure that a lack of finances never becomes an obstacle to skill development throughout one’s career. He believes in the transformational power of education and its ability to launch successful careers.

While in his 50s, Middleton began contemplating how he might support the causes that matter most to him – and one of those was education. “I’m leaving a bequest to the Schulich School of Business since it was important to me. Education is one of the major areas I’ve selected for bequest gifts when I’m gone.”

“A legacy gift is not just a donation – it’s a timeless investment in the future of our School and our students,” says Dean Detlev Zwick. “It helps fuel program expansion, nurture innovation, and empower our students. Middleton’s inspirational leadership and vision is helping ensure that Schulich provides the same sort of life-changing opportunities that it did when he was a student.”

Leaving a Legacy to Schulich

What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy or planned gift is a manner of giving that provides a lasting contribution to Schulich, while maximizing your tax advantages and financial security today. At Schulich, you can create a personal legacy or honour someone special with a wide range of gift planning opportunities, such as a bequest in your will, a gift of life insurance or a gift of public securities.

Why Plan to Give?

A planned gift can provide significant tax advantages today and to your estate in the future. It can also leave you with the immediate means to care for your family and to effectively manage your property, while also benefiting your alma mater in the future. Many Schulich donors regard a planned gift as their ultimate contribution — a way of making a legacy gift to the School at a level that might not otherwise be possible during their lifetime.

How Does Schulich Benefit?

Your planned gift allows us to build our vision for the future of our School with a confidence that can only come from financial security and the support of our alumni. To keep Schulich among the world’s leading business schools, we need a steady stream of alumni support to capitalize on new opportunities that keep us ahead of the curve.

What Might my Gift Support?

Unrestricted planned gifts are critical source of expendable dollars or endowed gifts. Your planned gift can support scholarships and financial aid, chairs, capital improvements and specific programs or specialization, along with other emerging priorities. Our gift planning team can help identify areas that meet your interests and priorities.

How Do I Get Started?

First, consult with a qualified advisor. Your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor can make recommendations on what makes good financial sense for you. Schulich’s gift planners can assist you and your advisor in selecting an appropriate gift designation.

How Will my Gift Be Recognized?

Depending on your gift designation, you may have the option of naming your chair, scholarship or space. Schulich planned gift donors will also be honoured as members of The White Rose Legacy Circle. Your name will be printed in donor listings, and you will receive front-of-the-line privileges for select York University events and a special invitation to our annual, members-only event. With your membership, you will become a part of Schulich’s special donor family — those who are integral to our future and part of our distinctive international alumni network.

Start Planning Today


A bequest in your will can provide Schulich with a fixed amount of cash or specific asset, a portion of your estate or a remainder of your estate after all other obligations are met. Learn More

Gifts of Stocks and Securities

By donating publicly-listed securities to Schulich, under the current rules you can avoid any capital gains tax owing on appreciated stocks or mutual funds. Learn More

Gifts of Life Insurance

Naming Schulich owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy provides you with a tax receipt for the value of each premium paid. Learn More 

To learn how you can make a planned gift to the Schulich School of Business, contact:

Ana Santos
Advancement Officer, Major Gifts
(437) 335-3156