General Undergraduate Admission

How many students do you admit each year?

We admit approximately 495 students per year. We generally have seven sections of BBA students, and two sections of iBBA students.

When are offers sent out?

Offers are sent out regularly, starting in March and continuing until the end of May. Applicants can access their MyFile account to check the status of their application and required supporting documents.

When are offers sent out for Delayed Entry?

Conditional offers for Delayed Entry Applicants are sent out prior to the beginning of the Summer term. The successful completion of SB/ACTG 2010 3.00 and SB/ACTG 2011 3.00 during the Summer Term are a condition of admission to the Delayed Entry program.

Can I apply to both the BBA and iBBA?

Only one application will be evaluated so applicants should choose and apply to the program they are most interested in. Admission criteria is the same for both programs and an applicant’s chances/odds of admission do not vary between programs.

Do you offer January admission?

Our programs commence once a year, in September. We do not offer enrolment for January. To browse programs that offer a January start, please visit

Will I automatically be offered admission to another program at York if I am not admitted to Schulich?

Applicants may not automatically receive an alternate offer. We recommend that applicants apply to more than one program to ensure they have additional options if they are not admitted to Schulich.


Undergraduate Program Details

What specializations does Schulich offer?

Schulich offers ten specializations, including: Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Family Business Studies, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations Management & Information Systems, Organizational Studies, Responsible Business, and Strategic Management. Students can specialize in up to two areas of their choice beginning in Year 3, once core business courses are completed in Years 1 and 2. More information on the BBA degree can be found on the BBA Program page. More information on the iBBA degree can be found on the iBBA Program page.

Can I complete CPA requirements within the BBA or iBBA degree?

Students can fulfill all 51.00 credit hours towards the CPA. For iBBA students, this will require careful planning with an academic advisor and possibly Summer studies, or an extra term. Students who are interested in pursuing the CPA designation can meet with an academic advisor to discuss course planning once they being their studies at Schulich. Information sessions regarding CPA requirements and the accounting stream are also offered to students in order to assist with course planning and a general understanding of the requirements.

What are the class sizes at Schulich?

Class sizes are typically 25 – 55 students. Core courses have the largest class size because they are mandatory in Years 1 and 2. Elective courses are more specialized and generally have smaller class sizes.

Do you offer exchange abroad?

Schulich offers academic exchange opportunities to 30 countries and 64 leading business schools. iBBA students are required to go on exchange as a part of their program. Academic exchange is optional for BBA students. Students have the option to go on exchange in either the Winter term of Year 3, or the Fall or Winter term of Year 4. More information on undergraduate exchange opportunities can be found on the Undergraduate Exchange page.

Will I study business all four years?

Yes, at Schulich students take business courses starting from Year 1. Our curriculum offers a 4-Year concentration in Business Administration.

Do you offer co-op?

At Schulich, we offer summer internships instead of co-op. Students can apply for internships at the major companies that recruit at Schulich. Internships are coordinated through our Career Development Centre.

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Undergraduate Academic Requirements

What grades do I need to be admitted?

In order to be academically competitive, applicants should have an overall average in the high 80’s to mid-90’s.

Are grades weighted more than the Supplementary Application?

An applicant must have adequate scores in both areas in order to receive an offer of admission. Strong grades will not compensate for a weak Supplementary Application, and vice versa.

Are courses taken in night school, summer school or private school treated differently?

All grades are evaluated equally, including those taken at night or summer school. However, we reserve the right to review an applicant’s entire academic history, not just their grade 12 courses. Courses taken at a private school must be accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. Please note: it is too late to complete course requirements in the summer preceding entrance to Schulich. Our admission cycle will be finished by the time final grades are received. Summer school is only recommend in the summer preceding Grade 12.

Can I repeat a course? How is that evaluated?

When a potential student repeats a course, the higher grade will be evaluated. The other grade is not counted and is disregarded. Applicants are no longer required to provide an explanation of why they repeated a course. We presume an applicant repeated a course because they wanted to achieve a higher grade.

What are the academic requirements for Ontario high school applicants?

  • OSSD
  • ENG4U (English), MHF4U (Advanced Functions) and one of either MCV4U (Calculus) or MDM4U (Data Management)
  • No more than two 4M courses
  • Minimum of 70% in MHF4U and ENG4U

Can I apply with my grade 11 grades?

The admissions team will focus on the following top six courses, including:

  • ENG4U
  • MHF4U
  • MCV4U or MDM4U
  • No more than two 4M courses

However, we recognize that at the time of your application you may not have completed or have midterm marks for all required grade 12 courses. The admissions team will prioritize those grade 12 courses that have been completed, which may or may not include the required prerequisites. If final or midterm grades for the required prerequisites are not yet available, the 3U equivalents will be considered until such time as 4U grades are made available. We also reserve the right to review your entire academic history.

What are the academic requirements if I am applying outside of Canada? 

We invite potential students to check out admission requirements at If a potential student is interested in having their documentation assessed, a formal application must be submitted to the University beforehand. Potential candidates can contact Admissions directly at or call 416-736-5000.

What are the Language Proficiency Requirements?

TOEFL (iBT): 100

IELTS: 7.5

Applicants are required to submit an English proficiency test score if they do not meet one of the following criteria:

  • Four years of study in Canada in English or French at the secondary school level
  • Four years of study at the secondary school level in English in a country where English is a primary language
  • One year of study at an accredited university degree program in English in a country where English is a primary language

I live outside of Canada, but I have been taught in English throughout my high school career. Can the English Proficiency requirement be waved?

We invite potential applicants to contact York Central Admissions directly at or call 416-736-5000 to address this matter.

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Undergraduate Application Process

What is a York Reference Number and where do I find it? 

After a potential student has submitted an application through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, they must allow 72 hours for York University Admissions to email them a York Reference Number. With this number, applicants will be able to track the application process and upload required documents through MyFile. This number will also allow applicants to log in and complete the Supplementary Application.

Where do I find the Schulich Supplementary Application? 

A link to the Supplementary Application Form is available on the Undergraduate Admissions Requirements page. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to a separate website, where you will find instructions on how to complete the Supplementary Application.

I submitted my Supplementary Application – why is it not listed as ‘received’ in MyFile?

The status of your Supplementary Application will be updated in your MyFile account after the submission deadline.

Am I required to send reference letters with my Supplementary Application?

There is no need to send letters of reference with your Supplementary Application. When a potential student is completing the Leadership Profile component of the Supplementary Application, there will be a requirement to add the name and contact information of an individual that can confirm the activity mentioned in the Leadership Profile.

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