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Graduate Partner Schools
DenmarkCopenhagenCopenhagen Business School (CBS)SummerJune 27 - July 14, 2023 (one 3-week course) or June 26 - August 4, 2023 (two 6-week courses)0International Summer University Program (ISUP)English1 CBS course (7.5 ECTS) = 3 SSB credits

2 CBS courses (15 ECTS) = 6 SSB credits (max)

Courses in Marketing, Management, Corporate & Business Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Finance, etc. ISUP Flyer 2023, ISUP Brochure 2023, ISUP Academic Calendar 2023Enrol in one 3 week course (choose from Blockchain and Sustainable Digital Infrastructures for Business, Sustainability in the Nordics or Fundamentals of Management Consulting) or two 6 week courses (32 courses to choose from). Program runs for 6 weeks. Program Fee: please go to Arrival & Social Programmes -> ISUP Social package: Includes cultural & social activities such as dinners, city tours, folk dancing & weekend trip to Berlin. One of the longest running & largest summer programs in Europe. Final 4 hr written exam. ISUP website, Graduate ISUP Courses 2023Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
FranceLyonEMLYON Business SchoolWinter or
March - July
(courses are modular so enrolment can be WI or SU term depending on course dates)
0N/AEnglish4.5 ECTS (3 courses) = 3 SSB credits

9 ECTS (6 courses) = 6 SSB credits

IMBA: Specializations in Business Development, Consulting, Finance, Marketing, Product Managment, Project Management, Sales and supply ChainEMLYON MBA Fact Sheet 20233 years work experience required. EMLYON website and promotional materials. Course information: EMLYON Courses 2019-20Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
GermanyDusseldorfWHU - Otto Beisheim School of ManagementFall or
Winter or
September - December
January - April
May - July
0N/AEnglish2 WHU courses (6 ECTS) = 3 SSB credits

3 WHU courses (9 ECTS) = 6 SSB credits

Marketing & Sales, Finance, Operations, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Organization, Personal Leadership. Industries that recruit: A leader in Start-ups/ Entrepreneurial amongst many othersWHU Student Handbook 2022, WHU Fact Sheet 2023Why Study at WHU?, WHU Winter & Summer Courses 2023, MBA Fall 2022 CoursesLog into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
IsraelTel AvivColler School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
SummerJuly - August1N/AEnglish1 Coller course = 1.5 SSB credits

2 Coller courses = 3 SSB credits
3 Coller courses = 4.5 SSB credits

World leader in Innovation and start-upsColler School of Management Fact Sheet 2023-24Each course runs over 5 days in the evening. Summer WebsiteLog into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
IsraelTel AvivColler School of Management,
Tel Aviv University
Fall October - November (7 weeks) Each course lasts 5 days1N/AEnglishFall term follows full term exchange credit equivalencies (minimum 3 Coller credits).
Summer exchange (3 courses max):
1 course = 1.5 SSB credits
2 courses = 3.0 SSB credits
3 courses = 4.5 SSB credits
Coller: Sterategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, OB, IT; Sofaer: Entrepreneurship & InnovationColler School of Management Fact Sheet 2023-24Summer exchange has 7 courses to choose from. Summer exchange websiteShort exchange report not available. See full term exchange report or short program reports at Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
NetherlandsRotterdamRotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University (MSc)Winter or
7-8 weeks:
(WI): February - March or
March - May
(WI or SU): May - June
0N/AEnglish12 ECTS (2 courses) = 6 SSB creditsElectives in: Acct & Financial Mgmt, Business Info, Strategic Entrepreneurship, HR Mgmt, Mgmt of Innovation, Marketing, Organizational Change & Consulting, Strategy, Supply Chain, Finance & Global Business SustrainabilityRSM MSc Fact Sheet 2022Can choose one block only (min 12 ECTS or 2 courses), RSM Course Offerings 2021Short report not available. See full term exchange reports. Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
ThailandBangkokSasin Graduate Institute of Business AdministrationFall or
Winter or
One month or 10-day intensive course options. See Sasin course list for details2N/AEnglish1 SASIN course = 3 SSB credits

2 SASIN courses = 6 SSB credits

Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management Sasin Fact Sheet 2023-24A video of Sasin for incoming exchange: Sasin Video, Sasin Courses 2022-23, Sasin ElectivesLog into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
U.K.EdinburghUniversity of Edinburgh Business SchoolWinter or
March - June
(courses are modular so enrolment can be WI or SU term depending on course dates)
0Finance, StrategyEnglish2 EDIN courses (10 ECTS) = 3 SSB credits

3 EDIN courses (15 ECTS) = 6 SSB credits

CSR, Finance, Marketing, StrategyEdinburgh Fact Sheet 2022-23Edinburgh Exchange website.
Courses are taught in one week blocks. Refer to the Edinburgh Fact Sheet for courses and dates.
Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
U.K.Coventry and/or LondonWarwick Business School (WBS), University of WarwickFall or
Winter or
September - December
January - March
April - July

Since courses are modular, students can crossover terms (ie. February - April)
0N/AEnglish1 WBS course (3 modules) = 3 SSB credits

2 WBS courses (6 modules) = 6 SSB credits

Marketing, Strategy, FinanceWarwick Fact Sheet 2023-24Students must have a minimum of 3 years work experience. Warwick Course Offerings 2023-24 Draft - still to be confirmedLog into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
U.K.LondonImperial College Business SchoolWinter or
January - April
April - July
0N/AEnglish10 ECTS (2 IC courses) = 3 SSB credits

Elective Pathways: Finance, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Management, Analytics & Digital MarketingImperial College Fact Sheet 2022-23Courses are modular therefore, start and end dates depend on courses chosen. January - March: MSc Finance and MSc Management electives only (very few courses to choose from). April - July: MBA and MSc Management electives only. Minimum 2 courses. Note: It will take a minimum of 3 months to receive transcripts. Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources
U.K.ManchesterAlliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester Summer or
October - November
(delivered over 4 weekends) or July - August (workshop 3 days between late July and early August)
1N/AEnglish2 MBS courses (30 MBS credits) = 6 SSB creditsBusiness Administration (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Practical Investment, Real Options in Practice, Retail Management, Venture Capital & Private Equity). Industries that recruit: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, General Management and EntrepreneurshipAMBS Fact Sheet 2022-23Course Information Fall 2022Log into 'My Schulich' Go to: Useful Links > Exchange Resources

Picture of Caitlyn Bertone in Paris, FranceWhy Participate in a Short Term Exchange?

Students who are not able to spend a full term abroad can still receive many of the same benefits as a full term exchange but in a shorter amount of time such as experiencing a new culture, taking courses with a unique focus and expanding their global network.

Depending on the partner school, students will spend anywhere between two weeks to two months on exchange and register in the equivalent of 3-6 Schulich credits.

Elizabeth Owens Skidmore, MBA

“I loved this program, CBS, Copenhagen, and Denmark as a whole an extraordinary amount. The six weeks I spent at CBS were transformational for me. The friends I made, the people I met in class, the professors I had, and the glorious Danish sunshine we experienced made for a summer I will never forget. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and hope that you will have as great of a time as I did!”

Elizabeth Owens Skidmore, MBA

Program Details


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Any student enrolled in the MBA program may apply to study abroad on a part-time (3-7.5 SSB credits) basis.

To be eligible for a short term exchange abroad, students must:

  • Complete all 5000-level required courses prior to departure and a minimum of 24 credits at Schulich. Students with advanced standing should consult the MBA Program Handbook for eligibility requirements.
  • Attain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 5 (B) on those 24 credits.
  • Complete the application process and be offered a space at one of our partner schools.

Access More Information

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Students wishing to apply for a short exchange term abroad during the Summer 2023 or Fall 2023 terms, should attend an Exchange Information Webinar Session. Please refer to the Grad Blog in late January for upcoming dates and times.

Application Process

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Step 1

Complete the online application form and upload the following documents with your application*:

*Please note: paper applications will not be accepted.

The application deadline to apply for a short exchange abroad is:

March 10, 2023, 4:00pm.

Step 2

All eligible candidates will meet with the Exchange Selection Committee for a 20-minute interview.
Students are matched to a partner school based on their response to the application question and their interview. The Exchange Selection Committee is looking for the student’s rationale for the school, in combination with their professionalism and ability to be an ambassador for Schulich.

Step 3

The selections will be announced shortly after.

Next Steps

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Confirmation Process

Students will be sent an email informing them as to the school they have been matched. They will be given approximately two weeks to confirm their acceptance of the offer.

Partner School Nominations

Once confirmed, the Graduate International Program Coordinator will nominate student(s) to the partner school at which time, the exchange school will contact the student to begin setting up the exchange. The student will be required to submit the requested documentation to the exchange school.

Pre-Departure Preparation

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Prior to Departure

Students changing their status to/from full-time or part-time, must submit an Enrolment Status Change Form prior to registering for the exchange term.

Students are required to attend a pre-departure session and it is recommended that students make an appointment with the International Program Coordinator prior to their departure.

Students must submit the following information electronically to the International Program Coordinator for approval prior to departure:

  • A copy of the Final Study Plan Form (as a Word Document)
  • One copy of each courses’ syllabus/outline
  • Course offering information provided by the school

Register in the appropriate number of EXCH 6900-level courses through Passport York

Submit the online Emergency Contact Form, Risk & Responsibility Waiver Form and Schulich Travel Registry

While Abroad

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Confirm your Final Study Plan with the International Program Coordinator:

  1. Send an email confirming that this study plan has not changed or
  2. Update the study plan with the changes and email it with the course descriptions to
  3. Update your EXCH course enrolment through Passport York if your credits on exchange have changed.

If course code enrollment listed on your study plan form and York enrollment do not match:

  • You can risk not getting credit for the courses you completed on exchange if you have not registered in the corresponding number of credits on Passport York
  • If you register in too many exchange credits on Passport York and not enough on exchange, you may receive F grades for not fulfilling the credits on Passport York.

Post Exchange

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Students are required to submit an Exchange Report & Testimonial.

Exchange grades (recorded as a pass or fail on the Schulich/York transcript) will be posted once the following are received:

  1. Exchange report
  2. Social media requirement
  3. Official transcript sent directly from the partner school
  4. Apply for a Schulich Exchange (travel) Bursary. Email for the bursary application and information.

Meet the Team

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For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact a member of the International Relations Team