Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • The Operations Management and Information Systems Area offers two specializations supported by courses to help organizations improve information, operational, and supply chain processes, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Students elect to take (i) problem-driven courses deepening their understanding of problems and challenges facing information, operational, and supply chain processes and/or (ii) quantitative courses strengthening their ability to analyze data and model processes.

  • Associate Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems, Area Coordinator
    Associate Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems, Area Coordinator

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  • Graduates from this specialization help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively, and work in positions as business analysts, systems analysts and other information technology professionals, management consultants, and operations managers. They thrive in all sectors within Canada and abroad, especially in the banking and financial services, retail and distribution, manufacturing, and services industries. Operations Management courses also teach invaluable analytical and information systems skills for any management career.

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To specialize in Operations and Supply Chain Management, enrol in three of the Required Courses (9.00 credits) and at least one the Elective Courses (3.00 credits) listed below, for a total of 12.00 credits.

Required Courses


Elective Courses



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The Operations Management and Information Systems faculty come from backgrounds as varied as business, engineering, mathematics and statistics. They possess a wide variety of real-world work and consulting experiences developed across the world, and have research interests in operations management, information systems, and operational research.

The excellence of their scholarship has been recognized by extensive publication in prestigious journals, numerous awards and honours, and translations of their works into several languages.

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