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    The Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership is committed to conducting cutting-edge research to augment the knowledge and understanding of management and leadership practices within diverse healthcare organizations, spanning hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical and medical technology firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations.

    Through its interdisciplinary research, the Centre strives to provide valuable academic insights and practical guidance to health sector organizations. It enables them to establish and maintain a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and a more efficient and effective healthcare system.


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Our Research

We collaborate with major corporations and not-for-profit organizations to produce impactful studies and reports addressing pertinent healthcare management and leadership topics.  


  • Future of Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is transforming significantly due to technological advancements, evolving consumer demands, and financial constraints. A recent study conducted by Professor Sriharan and their team in Canada explores the necessary leadership skills required to manage the healthcare industry in the future.

  • Women in Healthcare

    Women make up 75% of the health sector workforce. Research led by Professor Abi Sriharan explores the experiences and challenges faced by women in health care.

  • Leading during a Crisis

    During times of crisis, such as pandemics or natural disasters, healthcare leaders face many challenges and opportunities. Their decisions and actions profoundly impact their organizations and communities socially and economically. In-depth research conducted by Professor Sriharan and colleagues has revealed that crisis leadership is a demanding skill that requires healthcare leaders to take a proactive approach by staying informed, communicating effectively, and being adaptable.

  • Our People

    Our research network is overseen by Professor Abi Sriharan and supported by a research advisory committee. Our Faculty Scholars are thought leaders in Organizational Behaviour, Operational Research, Accounting and Finance.

    Krembil Centre Research Advisory Committee

    Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership at Schulich School of Business is planning to establish a Research Advisory Board made up of leaders in a range of organizations associated with the healthcare sector. The overall purpose of this committee will be to provide advice and direction on the Centre’s Research agenda along with facilitating and developing the Centre’s engagement with the broader research community. The board will provide collegial advice and hands-on assistance to help the Centre achieve its research objectives. More information forthcoming.

    Faculty Scholar Program

    The Faculty Scholar Program at the Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership is a distinguished initiative tailored for esteemed faculty members at York University who demonstrate outstanding research contributions and a steadfast dedication to advancing knowledge within the health sector. The remarkable achievements of our Faculty Scholars align seamlessly with the goals of the Krembil Center, and their participation as a Faculty Scholar would contribute significantly to the growth and success of our research community. 

    The Program offers a unique opportunity for distinguished faculty members to engage in collaborative research, knowledge-sharing, and mentorship activities aimed at advancing excellence in the health sector. 

    Apply to Become a Faculty Scholar

  • <b>Abi Sriharan</b> <br> Scientific Director, Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership
    Abi Sriharan
    Scientific Director, Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership

Faculty Scholars

Winny Shen

Associate Professor, Organization Studies, Schulich School of Business

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Adam Diamant

Associate Professor, Operations Management and Information Systems, Schulich School of Business
York Research Chair in Managing AI-Driven Technologies in Health Care

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Research Trainee Program

The Research Trainee Program at the Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership aims to engage MBA and MHIA students in impactful research projects within the healthcare management and leadership domain. Through this program, students can contribute to state-of-the-art research, acquire vital skills, and obtain practical experience in the fast-paced field of healthcare management. 

The Program requires a minimum commitment of 3 months to a year. Trainees are expected to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to the program. This commitment ensures meaningful contribution and learning opportunities for both the trainees and the program. 

2024 Research Trainees: Danha Park (MHIA’24), Shayan Siddiqui (MHIA’24)

Research Trainees 2024

Danha Park (MHIA’24)

Shayan Siddiqui (MHIA’24)

  • Speaker Series

    We organize a monthly speaker series that showcases the latest academic research on healthcare management and leadership. The 2023-2024 speaker series will focus on Digital Innovations and the Future of Health Care. For more information, visit our Outreach page.

  • Opportunities for Collaboration

    We offer the following services to help health sector organizations:

    1. Research and analysis
    2. Consultancy and advisory services
    3. Resources and publications
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