Academic Honesty

two female students looking at a laptopProfessional and academic integrity are essential values of the Schulich School of Business.

As a member of the Schulich community, you are an important stakeholder in upholding these values and shaping our culture.

The integrity and value of your degree is directly associated with the honest hard work that you produce during your time here. As a student, you are expected to know and follow Schulich’s Academic Honesty Policy.

A number of factors may contribute to students breaching the Academic Honesty Policy. However, good time management, proper citation practices, a clear understanding of the Academic Honesty Policy, as well as knowing the resources available will help you avoid a breach of academic honesty.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t share your work with other students. Both of you could be charged with a breach.
  • Know the policy. If there is a breach of academic honesty, you will be charged even if you didn’t mean to do it.
  • If you paraphrase, you still need to cite the original source.
  • If your group is suspected of a breach of academic honesty, all members of a group may be considered equally responsible.

Review: Schulich’s Academic Honesty Policy

Download and refer to our Academic Honesty Quick Guide as you complete assignments and prepare for exams.

Academic Handbooks:

Every student has a responsibility to understand and adhere to Schulich’s Policy and Program Handbooks.

Refresh yourself on rules about promotion, curriculum and academic regulations at the start of term.

Helpful Resources:

Academic Writing Guides Citing Business Resources Academic Honesty & Citation FAQs: Answered! Listen Now: MBA Research Tools Webinar

Additional Tips:

  1. Attend Schulich’s Citation Workshop in the Fall or Winter for more information.
  2. Make use of citation Style Guides, which contain resources to help you cite your research in assignments. Speak to a librarian for more information.
  3. Visit Services For International Students to learn more about Academic Peer Support, Schulich’s support service for one-on-one assistance on assignments, cases and papers. For additional academic support provided at Schulich, click here.

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