Academic Accommodations & Supports for Students

Academic Accommodations

Attendance is expected at all Schulich classes, exams and academic activities.

The Schulich School of Business is committed to promoting equity and inclusion within its learning environment by providing support for students needing accommodations to fulfill the academic requirements of their program. This may fall under the falling circumstances:

  • Exam accommodations, which relate to an exam conflict (two exams at the same time, three exams in one day, or three exams in three consecutive periods within 24 hours) or to requests for alternate exam/test arrangements
  • Other academic accommodations, which relate to activities inside and outside the classroom, including participation, group work, and assignments
  • Religious accommodations, which relate to students who, because of significant religious observances, cannot write a formally scheduled examination or cannot meet an academic obligation
  • Accessibility accommodations, which relate to registered mental, sensory and physical disabilities, as well as learning disorders and mental health disorders. 

Students who require alternate exam arrangements must be registered with York University’s Student Accessibility Services office to be eligible. Requests for alternate exam arrangements must be made well in advance of the exam date (currently three weeks).

In an emergency, please contact Student & Enrolment Services at 519-736-5303.

Exam Absences and Deferrals

Find details about scheduled exams on the Schulich Course Offerings website.

Graduate Students:

If you miss a final exam due to unforeseen circumstances, you must contact your course instructor and the Director of Student and Enrolment Services, Keshia Gray within 24 hours of missing the exam.

If you are unable to write the exam due to illness, you must submit an Attending Physician’s Statement to Student & Enrolment Services (W263) within 48 hours of missing the exam.

Undergraduate Students:

Within 24 hours of missing a final examination, you must contact your course instructor and copy (“cc) You must then complete and submit an online Deferred Standing Request Form within 48 hours. Formal documentation (such as an Attending Physician’s Statement, Counselor’s Statement, death certificate, etc) regarding the reason for missing the exam must be submitted electronically via a file upload as part of the online Deferred Standing Request form.


For students taking classes out of faculty please follow the revised exam schedule as posted by the Registrar’s Office. If there are any conflicts, please visit Student & Enrolment Services.

A more complete summary of policies is available in your academic handbook:

View Your Academic Handbooks

PhD Advising

PhD students plan their course of study with their Area representative or Supervisor. There are however, circumstances in which it is appropriate to connect with an academic advisor, such as:

  • Questions regarding Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations
  • Requests for a leave of absence
  • A change in status from full- to part-time
  • Degree progress
  • Options for taking courses out of faculty
  • School/work/life balance
  • Referrals to other resources on campus

To make an appointment with the Student Academic Services Coordinator, visit: