Preparing to Return to Campus this Winter

    All Schulich in-person courses will be returning to campus starting the weeks of Monday February 7 or Monday February 14, unless otherwise approved. Please see our timeline below:

    Week of Monday February 7

    • All first-year 1000-level courses (including all sections of ACTG 2011);
    • All graduate courses.

    Week of Monday February 14

    • All remaining Schulich courses.

    At this time, student services continue to be offered remotely, including academic advising, international student support and career development activities. Learn more here. When we transition back to campus, students will be notified which services will continue to be accessed remotely, and which will be available in person once again.

    Visit COVID-19 and York University’s Response for comprehensive details on:

      • Academic Information
      • Travel Information
      • University Operations
      • Public Heath Guidelines (from the Government of Canada, Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health)
The Power of Remote
  • Shaping the Post-Pandemic World

    Launched by the Schulich School of Business, this webinar series draws lessons from the COVID-19 experience in order to help shape the post-pandemic world. Thought leaders from various disciplines of the Schulich faculty offer reflections and guide a free-flowing discussion with participants.