• Solving Complex Problems

    Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 8:30 am – 9:30 am EDT

    The Schulich Global Alumni Network, in partnership with the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), is proud to present a new career-focused event series.

    Solving Complex Problems
    One of the most important skills needed to be a successful business leader is the ability to solve “complex” problems. Complex problems are messy, unstable, unpredictable, confounding and don’t come with right answers, only best attempts. This session is about understanding what complex problems are and suggesting a practical tool for generating effective solutions.

    Dr. Wissam AlHussaini

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Wissam AlHussaini, PhD

Wissam holds a PhD in Strategic management and is a winner of the “Excellence in Teaching” award. Over the years, Wissam has designed and delivered numerous training programs for major companies all over the world, including the United Nations, Koodo-Mastercom, Chevron-Philips, and MasterCard, among others. He currently teaches leadership and strategy at the Schulich School of Business in key graduate programs.

In 2016 he received the prestigious “Excellence in Teaching” award at the American University of Beirut for his impact and inspiration on the executive, graduate and undergraduate students. Wissam is a founding member and vice-president of strategy for the Canadian Business Strategy Association (CSBA) which aims to provide a knowledge portal for Canadian business strategists.

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