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Your alumni legacy begins now. Access the Schulich Alumni Online Community and Mentor Directory by enrolling in the Alumni2Student Mentorship Program

Please read the program guidelines:
Alumni2Student Mentorship program guidelines.


Students in all Masters level programs at Schulich School of Business, as well as 3rd and 4th year Undergraduate level students at Schulich School of Business, are eligible to participate in the Alumni Mentorship program pending successful completion of the Orientation and upon reviewing the program Guidelines.

Preparing for your Mentorship Experience

Students eligible to participate in the Alumni Mentorship Program must attend a two-part Student Orientation Series and review the Student Guidelines (above).

The Student Mentorship Orientation will incorporate a professional development component as well as tips for success.

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Alumni2Student Mentorship

The Schulich Alumni Mentorship Program helps students develop professional relationships with accomplished Alumni Mentors for both personal and professional development.
Students and alumni mentors will meet a minimum of three times throughout the academic year (September to April). This gives you an opportunity to build a meaningful mentor relationship so that you can:

  • Develop skills in communication, job search strategies and time management
  • Gain professional and industry insights
  • Build networking skills
  • Discover your strengths and how to overcome challenges

To be eligible for the program you must read the program guidelines and register for the mandatory Mentorship Orientation series.

In the orientation series, you will receive instructions on how to find your alumni mentor. You will also be granted access to the Schulich Online Alumni Community where you will be able to view alumni mentor profiles.

Read the Alumni2Student Mentorship program guidelines.

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