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Delaram Rahmani

I'd like to express my deepest condolences to Michelle's family, friends, and colleagues. I'm an incoming 2023 MMgt student. I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle twice at the graduate program open houses. Michelle was without a doubt one of the main reasons I chose to finalize my application to Schulich. Her enthusiasm, warmth, and empathy truly touched me. Despite our short conversations, she truly left an impact on me and my views towards life and future goals and outlook.

Sarai Rudder

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Michelle. Even in our short time knowing each other, I could tell that she was a beacon of light. I could not have been a student at Schulich without her. She opened new doors for me, and for that, I will always be grateful. Rest in everlasting peace, Michelle.

DrozSar DrozSarYP

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Daniel K.

I am sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences for you and your family's loss.

A memory that I would like to share is when I first met Michelle virtually during an online session for an overview of the Master of Management program at Schulich on Tuesday, November 1st, 2022. I then met her virtually again for an overview & tips of the said program on Thursday, December 22nd, 2022. During both sessions, I enjoyed my time listening to her speak highly about the program and what the program had to offer. She had sparked my interest in the program.

Michelle is a lovely person and I know that she will be greatly missed.

Maria Al Zayay

I remember interviewing with Michelle in-person for the MMgt program like it was yesterday. We had a great conversation and at the end of it we hugged. Michelle will be remembered for her compassion, warmth, charisma and big heart.

Wishing peace, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow for the Schulich community and her family.

Mohammad Rafed Hossain

I first met Michelle during my interview for my program. Few minutes into the interview I could understand how kind and friendly she was and following that I finished my program. Always grateful for my selection and I pray she can rest in peace. I also pray for the well being of her family and close ones.

Matthew Fiacco

Michelle was such an amazing person who cared deeply about the students of Schulich. Her passion and energy for the school and her job really showed. If it weren’t for Michelle, I wouldn’t be where I am today. May she rest in peace and we will all miss her deeply ❤️

Divyalakshmi Giritharan

Talha Aamer Chaudhry

May she rest in peace, I recall her as the person who helped me through difficult stages of my life.

Ramsha Ahmed

Michelle was the one who interviewed me for my entry into Schulich. Her energy immediately put me at ease and took away any nerves that I had before starting. Her warm demeanour was so instrumental in my decision to choose Schulich and start my journey there. Sending lots of love to the family and friends of Michelle, she touched so many of us. Rest in peace Michelle 🕊️

Ashira Perez

I am so sorry for this loss. Michelle was such a wonderful person even for the brief times I had the opportunity to meet and interact with her. Her kind personality and infectious zest for life really shone through in every interaction.

Eddris Jamieson

To The Family and Friends of Michelle
Healing is a journey. May strength and courage guide you through this difficult season. God Bless You !
From a Former York U Graduate.

Vijender Trivedi

Michelle had a warm, vibrant, and loving attitude. That incredible sense of humor is what I think I will miss the most. We have lost someone very special.

My most heartfelt condolences to Michelle’s family.

Rest In Peace, Michelle.

Graham Sue

My sincere condolences to Michelle's family. As someone who worked with Michelle closely for some time, I can say that she was tough - because she wanted everyone around her to do better. The one thing I never questioned were her intentions, as her heart was always in the right place and she pushed everyone around her to look at things differently for the benefit of everyone. I learned a lot from Michelle, and while her presence will surely be missed, her impact on all of those she connected with will live on.

Kelly Mai

Michelle is the first person that I met in Schulich. Until now, I still remember the afternoon that I spent with her in the meeting room and talk about my further study, my job, and some funny thing. I still remember her favourite Chinese dishes is fried noodle. It’s a big lose for all of us. Miss you so much Michelle and R.I.P

Olga Carew

Michelle was an amazing colleague. Her smile and personality was electric and she brought warmth and positivity into everything she did. She was always eager to learn and try new things, never shying away from a new challenge. Michelle was exceptionally caring to all the students at SSB. She genuinely wanted to help and cared about their success. Michelle loved her family deeply, often sharing stories about her children and helping many of us prepare for motherhood for the first time. My condolences to her family through this incredibly challenging time.

Sharon Chisholm

Michelle was one of those people who actually made working at Schulich enjoyable; she was intelligent,sharp, funny, and her sense of humour was always on point. You always knew where you stood with Michelle; you could tell by her gravel tone of voice whether you were in for a bit of fun or a bit of chiding. She was a good friend, an exceptional work-mate, and a proud mom. May her memory be a blessing. Michelle will be missed.

Marianna Colalillo

My deepest sympathy to John, Yohan, Christopher, Samantha and Michelle's Mom. Heaven has certainly gained an angel. I am gonna miss you so much dear friend. You were more than just my colleague, you were such a great friend. Going to miss our chats about life, family and especially our kids. Rest in eternal peace.

Theo Peridis

We have lost the conscience of our faculty on so many sensitive matters and a voice of reason and sensibility. Michelle taught me/us so much and always did it with her unique capacity to be both forceful and gentle

Melissa Judd

I had the opportunity to work with Michelle for close to 10 years at Schulich. I appreciated her sense of humour - her fabulous laugh, her ability to connect with others and put them at ease. Michelle called it as she saw it. You never had to guess what Michelle thought - she was transparent, direct and at times brutally honest. It was refreshing.

Michelle cared deeply about community and that was evident in the way she connected with students and staff. Alumni would drop by and share stories and hugs with michelle.

Michelle was unconventional and did things in her own way and in her own time but no matter what the circumstance, Michelle always took the time to drop by and chat and shoot the breeze.

Michelle loved her family - we exchanged many stories about our kids and their adventures and misadventures and talents.

My sincere condolences go out to her three beautiful children, her mom and her husband. Michelle was an incredible person who lived life fully and was taken too soon.

Deirdre Cappelli

Share a photo

Dear John, Sage (Samantha), Johan, Christopher and Aunti Vi ~ Sharing a photo from my wedding day back in 2002. I love this photo of Michelle and the look of love on her face as she cradles baby Sage in her arms. Michelle was so proud of her children - they were the light of her life and family was everything to her. Michelle welcomed many into her extended family, myself included, she was a bright light for so many in this world and her kind and loving influence impacted so many. Our world will never be the same without her, sending prayers and love to the family 🙏💗

Rachel Ricer

Dear Violet, John, Sage, Johan and Christopher,
I was devastated to hear of Michelle's passing, one of the most loving individuals that I was so fortunate to have in my life. She fought her cancers with such strength and courage, with incredible positivity and determination. She loved you all so fiercely, including her dad and brother. I will miss Michelle's spirit and passion for her community, inside of outside of Schulich. Michelle was one of the very few people who not only was only dedicated to ensuring the voice of the black community was heard, but always was by my side when there were inequalities that impacted my own community. Michelle was a true advocate for positive change all around her. I will forever miss our conversations, sharing Instagram stories with each other, and most importantly her vibrant laugh that you could hear from a mile away. I pray that her honour and legacy will always cherished at the Schulich School of Business, York University and beyond.

May her memory always be a blessing. BDE.

richard mitchell

Your candid enthusiasm, honesty, passion, dedication, and commitment will be missed. It was a pleasure to work with you and may you rest in power!

Pauline Shum Nolan

I am shocked and saddened to learn of Michelle's passing. We worked together on many student events over the years, and it was always a delight.

Rest in peace, Michelle, and sincere condolence to her family and friends.