What can one say in a few words about the pleasure of working with Magda? The most important aspect of our relationship, I think, is that we were both working for the best for the students and the school.

Those who know me, might say that I get fixated on solving problems and might (occasionally) become a little irritating in my persistence. The joy of working with Magda can be measured by the fact that, no matter how many times I wrote or called, no matter how many questions (or problems) I directed to her, Magda was always patient, thoughtful, and thorough in her response. And, no matter how challenging the problems were, she found the answers.

I believe it is fair to say that, during my years at Schulich, no matter who set policy or how the curriculum, faculty and staff might have changed, Magda was the north star, guiding us all. Magda, thank you for always being there. You never said no, you were always there to help and, most importantly, you were a pleasure to work with. I will miss Magda but, more importantly, Schulich will miss Magda.

Wishing you a wonderful and well-deserved retirement.

With many many thanks, as always,