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Richard Irving

Congratulations to my students from the class of '96

ANDREA Connolly

Hoping to see some of the most awesome characters to have blessed my life during those brief two years (and some a little longer). Looking forward to seeing what you all got up to!

Rob Storm

How is it 25 years?
What an amazing couple of years it was. Look forward to seeing everyone - I'm sure we all don't look a day older!!

Annabelle Nogueira

Congratulations to everyone. Yes

Ronald Kers

Bobby you are absolutely right, 25 years has flown by and fortunately you and I (me a bit more than you) have stayed in touch. It would be great though to see and speak to some of our old class mates again. Our MBA program gave us so much more than a top degree and I look back at it as the most defining period in my life. In addition, we had a blast! Look forward to seeing you all again.

Bobby Molu

Amazing how quickly 25 years has flown by. The 2 years of the MBA program was certainly a very memorable time where I met some fantastic people who are still friends of mine today. Great memories!

Schulich Alumni

Congratulations MBA Class of 1996 on your 25-year reunion!

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