Lidia’s Guestbook Submissions

Hussein Abdul Sater

Dear Lidia’s Family and Colleagues, my name is Hussein Abdul Sater I am from Lebanon. I had the chance to know Lidia briefly during my interview for SSB MMKG program. On a personal note, Lidia showed me high compassion and kindness by accepting my admissions deferral request following Beirut’s explosion, knowing that the deadline had already passed. Lidia’s understanding, generosity and humane approach gave me a second chance amidst the uncertainty we are surrounded by. I am certain she had touched many souls and left her fingerprint wherever she went. My deepest condolences to you all.
May God bless her soul and may she rest in eternal peace.

Filipa Valente

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Queridos Daniel, Hanna e Miguel:

o último momento partilhado que tive com a Lídia, e convosco Hanna e Miguel (é natural que não se lembrem), foi em 2016, na melhor visita relâmpago que fiz a uma cidade nova, por altura do Thanksgiving Day. Fui recebida como sendo da família: cheguei pela hora de almoço e fui recebida com o caloroso sorriso genuíno da Lídia, levou-me para almoço e a passear pelo centro de Toronto, tive o grato privilégio de jantar com os três e pernoitar em vossa casa, para sair de madrugada para o aeroporto (obrigada uma vez mais por me terem recebido tão bem; a si também, Daniel, embora não tenhamos a oportunidade de nos conhecer em pessoa nessa altura).

Como um relâmpago nos carrega com a energia e o carinho de quem nos recebe de coração aberto. Essa é a querida Lídia que permanecerá em mim, a inspirar-me com a sua sinceridade, pragmatismo e melhor solução possível nas encruzilhadas da vida.

Obrigada, Daniel, Hanna e Miguel, por me possibilitarem partilhar este momentos singelos que nos unem como humanos e darmos continuidade aos sentimentos e à existência da Lídia nas nossas vidas por aqui.

Desejo a cada um de vós muita força neste tempos e muito amor em cada dia.

Aloma Gravel

Lidia's energy, zest for life, and the wonderful way she connected with people will be missed. She had a unique ability to make you personally feel special. My sincere condolences to the family.

Nathan Corr

Lidia, Daniel, Miguel, and Hanna, the four of you are the best neighbours Kailey and I could ask for, and we are so very grateful you moved next door all those years ago. I regret letting the events of this past year steal time we would have spent together with you in the backyard, at concerts, at house dinners. Lidia, I still can't believe you're gone - it's like you're just off on another trip. My last memory of you is soaking up the very last rays of the fall sunlight, book in hand and a satisfied smile on your face. Hanna, Miguel, and Daniel, we are always just a doorbell away. I can't wait until we can share a bottle of port and grill another picanha together.

Paulo Morais Vaz

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Our lifes has been blessed by Lidia, and from now on, they will be inspired!

ana leao

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I met Lidia in Mozambique and our friendship evolved so naturally I don't really remember how we first met. I remember though her vibrancy, her bright eyes, that smile of hers equal to none, her joy in life, her compassion, and her happiness with Daniel and the kids. This picture of her when Hannah was a baby shows that happiness and that smile.

Solange Santos

Rest in peace my dear friend! I am at lost of words. To Daniel, Hanna, Miguel, and to all of her friends and colleagues, my deepest condolences.

Jane-Michele Clark

A big heart, a quick laugh and lots of energy. Lidia will be missed. My condolences to her immediate family and all in her extended Schulich family, too.

Minerva Cernea

Lidia will be deeply missed. She was such a lovely person, friendly and dedicated, always ready to help. A great loss.

David Johnston

I worked with Lidia at Schulich to find the best students to build the Master of Supply Chain Management program. As program director I valued her fierce advocacy of applicants, always emphasizing looking at the whole person and not just their grades and resume items. I believe that was how she viewed everyone she dealt with. Fully and completely. And, that made her friends and earned her the respect of her colleagues. My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. I will miss her.

Neelam Verma

My deepest condolences to Lidia's family. I felt honored to work with Lidia, a beautiful, vibrant soul. May her soul rest in peace.

Michelle Machado

My heartfelt and deepest condolences to you and your family on Lidia's passing. May your memories of her carry and comfort you through these painful times.
"Those we love don't go away, they walk besides us everyday"..

Farrokh Zandi

I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Lidia who was a phenomenal colleague. Lidia will be sadly missed.

My heartfelt condolences.

Filomena Ticzon

Remembering Lidia Serras in thought and prayer!
A beloved wife's love is forever.
A Mother's love is forever.
She is with you in heart, she is with you in mind, she is with you in memories. You will always have her smile, her dreams for your life.

Daniel, Hanna and Miguel, we are so very sorry for your loss.

Lidia sera lembrada por seu amor pela vida para sempre.

Filomena M.O. Ticzon

Slawko Sekunda

My deepest condolences to Lidia's friends and family. My heart goes out to you. May she rest in peace.

Don Woticky

Always smiling, always friendly, always kind - you will be missed Lidia.

Phanindra Deonandan

I always appreciated Lidia's pleasant demeanour and professionalism in all of our interactions here at Schulich. She had a wonderful smile and delightful sense of humour which always put people around her at ease. As a work colleague, Lidia was a fount of knowledge who always came prepared to answer any and all questions and provide guidance when necessary. She will be dearly missed and I'd like to offer my deepest sympathies to her family.

Gloria Greenberg

My sympathies to Lidia's whole family. Lidia was an amazing collegue and I truly miss her. I hope you have no more sorrow

Talal Javed

Lidia will always remain in our thoughts!!

She was a great person, very good colleague and a very helpful person. I used to have great conversations with her and i will never forget her kindness.

Hanna & Miguel - Please accept my deepest condolence and I can tell you that you mother was a very hard working woman

Daniel - I know how it feels loosing a great partner and please accept my condolence

We will miss you Lidia and May God give you eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain.

Remembering Lidia's gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. May she rest in peace!

Vanda Jesus

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Lidia you will always be with us, between us. You conquered the world with your smile, energy and spirit and this will never leave us.
I will miss your laughs, your love for friends and family, your love for Portugal, your love for always learn more, your desire to be more, to give more ... and to return home!
No words can describe this moment and our feel of lose that seems don't disappear, the why? it will remain our search in the future and certainly one day we will get there ... you will leave us to there.
You lived intensively so you lived fast, nothing was left undone or unsaid, so you where everything to everyone.
Take care of us, we will never forget YOU!

Wendy Galarza

I hope that Lidia’s family knows that during the time she spent with us, she was appreciated, cherished, and loved. I feel very privileged that Lidia chose me to be part of her team. I miss her laughter, the phrases, and the expressions she would use. Hearing Lidia speak sounded like home to me and filled me with nostalgic joy everyday. My heart is filled with happiness remembering the mischievous smiles we would share when we were having too much fun at work. Lidia loved making everyone feel special, even if it meant sending an email in all caps, with extra exclamation marks and a few emojis. She was my greatest supporter and tirelessly pushed me to look ahead and plan for greater things. I am in awe of her unmatched kindness and generosity. Lidia was generous in every way. She was even generous in her language, always excited to celebrate others and constantly extending compliments. As Lidia shared her life and her love for her family with us, we also felt comfortable sharing our lives with her. My family loved hearing about how happy I was working under Lidia’s supervision because they knew that I felt cared for and valued. I welcomed work challenges because I knew that we could meet any challenge together. During the two years we worked together, I aspired to be worthy of Lidia’s constant support and trust. I realize that most of my work colleagues will only have a limited picture of what out team was like. They didn’t get to see how the bond between our small group grew over the past year. We were looking ahead and excited to be in each other’s company again soon. Even though our team will not be able to realize our plans of being together again, I know that we will carry Lidia’s lessons and example with us. I will be forever grateful for the blessing of having crossed paths with Lidia in my life. I’m not sure that the right words exist to express how wonderful and special Lidia is to me. I feel very fortunate to able to share my memories and I would like to extend my thanks to Daniel, Hanna and Miguel for allowing us to have an opportunity to honour Lidia and celebrate her beautiful life.

Susan Kimberley

I'm very grateful to have worked with Lidia. Her brilliant mind and laser focus made her a master of her profession.
Lidia made conversation easy, and when she talked about her family and travel her eyes would dance and you could see and feel the passion and love she had for both.
Lidia has left a deep footprint in our Schulich hearts and will be very missed. May Daniel, Hanna and Miguel find peace knowing their wife/mom was amazingly respected and appreciated amongst her colleagues. Susan Kimberley

Rui Manuel Pereira

Deus leva os que mais quer.
So long my dear.
Rui Pereira

Swetha Kolluri

Lidia was such a force of positivity. I worked with her for a brief few months in KPMG but the impression she left on me will always stay with me. Her love for her family, outdoors and food is something I will always remember. And Portugal! She could talk endlessly about the beautiful country and encourage everyone she met to visit!
My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Kerry Turner

I'm saddened and shocked to hear this news and send my warmest condolences to Lidia's husband, wonderful children, family, colleagues and friends. We are all the better to have had Lidia in our lives. Thank you to Schulich for creating a scholorship in her honor.