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    The Schulich Ambassador Program is an opportunity for undergraduate BBA/iBBA students to become involved with the Schulich Community while developing essential leadership skills necessary to be successful in the global marketplace.

    Thanks for giving your time and enthusiasm to the program! Bookmark this webpage as a central hub for ambassador resources, information and updates.

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    Meet your Task Force:

Aafiya Irfan

iBBA candidate

Hi! I am a 3rd year iBBA student, hoping to specialize in Marketing and Strategy. At this stage in my undergraduate year, I feel confident and integrated in the Schulich Community. However, this wasn't the case when I entered into first year. The Ambassador Program and its events helped ease my transition and I want to do the same for incoming students. As a TF member, I am able to emphasize and assist students based on my own experiences and knowledge, as well as ensure they feel heard.

Alessia Paniccia

BBA candidate

Hi! My name is Alessia Paniccia and I am a third-year student at Schulich, specializing in OMIS and ORGS. My journey with the Ambassador Program began in first year by attending events for prospective students in order to showcase the passion I have for what is considered to be my second home. The task force team, however, has allowed me to take this a step further. This means that I can answer any questions you have pertaining to admissions and what life at Schulich is really like!

Ananya Kakkar

iBBA candidate

I am currently in my third year of the iBBA program, working towards my Certificate in Management alongside the CPA pathway. I really enjoy being able to share my experiences and engaging with prospective students since these interactions helped me make my decision when I was first applying. I bring strong communication and collaboration skills as well as lots of involvement and passion for the Schulich community. So, I hope to leave my impact on Schulich through the Task Force this year!

Humera Dasu

BBA candidate

I am in the ambassador program to make a positive impact on current and prospective Schulich students through my love for the Schulich community and passion for the program. I have had a great experience in my undergrad so far and want to ensure that other students have an enriched experience as well. As a task force member, I have a caring and empathetic personality, leadership skills from various experiences and a genuine desire to spread joy at our school!

Irene Yeung

iBBA candidate

I continue to be part of the Ambassador Program because I believe that this is an excellent school that has a lot to offer. I am always excited to highlight the unique aspects of the program, especially as an iBBA student, and our student life. As I continue to have an enjoyable experience at Schulich, I aspire to emulate the welcoming environment that other students have shown to me. With my involvement in the school community, I can confidently advocate for Schulich to prospective students.

Junjun Liu

iBBA candidate

I'm an ambassador because I really wanted to get involved and give back to the Schulich community. I looked up to the task force that managed my own ambassador years. I offer three years of schulich experience; two years as an ambassador and one on the Task Force. I also offer an iBBA perspective, and insights about the program and the Schulich life.

Sarrah Chakera

BBA candidate

My name is Sarrah Chakera and I am a 3rd year BBA student. I am a part of the ambassador program because I have always wanted to give back to the Schulich community, and make a difference in other students' post secondary journey. Throughout my time at Schulich I have been heavily involved throughout the community, through the ambassador program, accounting society and many other case competitions and events. I will be able to use my experience to bring a unique perspective to the Task Force.

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