Yuval Deutsch

Yuval Deutsch Associate Professor of Policy & Entrepreneurial Studies
Yuval Deutsch

During the fellowship year I worked on four of my ongoing research projects. The first research project With Keil T., Laamanen T. and Maula M. re-evaluates the theoretical frameworks used to explain firms’ engagement in M&As. We argue that decision-making in large and small acquisitions is quite different and, as a consequence, different theories might be needed to explain each type. This collaboration has resulted in multiple international conference presentations and two journal articles one in Strategic Management Journal, and one in Journal of Management. An additional paper is requested to revise and resubmit by Organization Science

The second project with my Schulich colleague Dr. David Weitzner is aimed to address two glaring omissions in the stakeholder salience model. These omissions not only reduce the framework’s predictive power, but in many cases may also lead to wrong predictions. The collaboration with Dr. Weitzner has resulted in multiple international conference presentations. Recently, the first
paper of this project was accepted to Organization Studies, and the second paper is under second review in Journal of Management Studies. In addition, we are working on two chapters that we were asked to write for The Encyclopedia of Business.

The third project with Deutsch Salamon, we depart from traditional organizational behaviour literature by adopting a signaling perspective (Spence, 1973; Zahavi, 1975) to offer a novel rationale as to why players may choose to adopt seemingly irrational behaviours. We show that by doing so, an individual can signal credible information about his/her otherwise unobservable superior ability. These behaviours serve as a credible signal because less able individuals cannot afford to imitate this behavior as it will expose them to costs or risks that they cannot withstand. This collaboration has resulted in multiple international conference presentations and a paper in Journal of Organizational Behaviour. Recently, another paper was accepted for publication as a book chapter.

The fourth project with Keyhani, M., and Schulich Professors Moren Lévesque and Anoop Madhok explores the interdependency among entry strategy, resource allocation strategy, and exit strategy to build theories of entrepreneurship strategy that covers the entire scope from entry to exit of start-ups. Its main objective is to better understand the returns to entrepreneurial action (entry and resource allocation in pursuit of opportunities) in terms of performance, survival and exit outcomes. Recently the first paper of this project was accepted to publication in Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research BCERC Proceedings.

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