Ting Cao

Ting Cao
Ting Cao

PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Area of Study: Operation Management and Information Systems
Anticipated Graduating Year: 2022

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Educational Background

Present PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Schulich School of Business – York University
Toronto, Canada
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Johnny Rungtusanatham/ Prof. Dr. Murat Kristal
M.A. in Business Economics
Wilfrid Laurier University
B.A. in Economics with Honors
Western University

Thesis Topic

Digital Transformation in Retail Banking

Research Interests – Work in Progress

Empirical Operations Management, Service Operations, Digital Transformation, FinTech, Data Envelopment Analysis

Work in Progress:
1. Digital transformation in retail banking: digitizing retail banking services. with Kristal, M.M., Menor, L.J., & Rungtusanatham, J.M.

2. Mobile banking apps: What customers really care about. with Kristal, M.M.& Rungtusanatham, J.M.

Awards and Honours

2019 Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($ 15,000)
2017 Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($ 15,000)

Refereed Publications

Yeomans, J.S., & Cao, T. (2017). An Evolutionary Firefly Algorithm, Goal Programming Optimization Approach for Setting the Osmotic Dehydration Parameters of Papaya. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 10: 128-142.

Yeomans, J.S., & Cao, T. (2016). The Calculation of Optimal Osmotic Dehydration Process Parameters for Mushrooms by Employing: A Firefly Algorithm. International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research, 2(12).