One EMBA Student’s ROI (Return On Inspiration)

Tarun Joseph EMBA '20
Tarun Joseph

“The Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program has changed my life,” says Tarun Joseph (EMBA ’20), Department Manager, Streetlights & Asset Management PMP, GSC, Black & McDonald Limited.

In the 18 months it took to complete his degree, Tarun became more confident, developed new strengths in his business portfolio and built a network from around the world who became like family. He also received a significant promotion at work, thanks in large part to his finance-based courses along with the Brazil Global Strategy Project course work.

“Much of the credit is due to Kellogg-Schulich and the outstanding courses I took part in.” He says the three-pronged approach of the program – high quality courses, accessible faculty and knowledgeable classmates – is what differentiates Kellogg-Schulich from the rest.

When COVID-19 hit, Tarun said his professors were great at switching gears to more relevant topics to prepare students for the evolving post-pandemic business world.

Tarun with classmates in Evanston
Tarun with his Mergers & Acquisitions professor and classmates in Evanston.

Tarun recalls once, while studying at the Kellogg Evanston campus near Chicago, he and his classmates were up working on a Mergers & Acquisitions assignment until 5:00 am – and their professor was still available to them, even though the sun was about to rise.

Although Tarun graduates this fall, he says his time with Kellogg-Schulich is not through as he will audit classes in the future, which is something any graduate in the Kellogg Global Network can do. His relationships with his classmates will also continue.

“Classmates become friends, who become business partners that you can trust with major business decisions. It’s the power of a global network – the start of something new,” he said.