Schulich iBBA is 2024 TFC X BMO Fellow

Stephanie Morales iBBA '23
Stephanie Morales

Stephanie Morales (iBBA ’23) is the recipient of the 2024 TFC x BMO Fellowship.

“This one-of-a-kind program offers such a high-level of exposure to the club’s business operations and I am looking forward to working alongside all the individuals that have contributed to the organization’s overall success,” said Morales. “What is exciting to me about this fellowship is having the opportunity to pursue a career in soccer through the mentorship and training provided by established business professionals across a multitude of different departments within TFC and MLSE.”’

As a TFC x BMO Fellow, Morales will collaborate closely with leaders across the club’s front office, engaging in rotations across multiple areas of Team & Business Operations, including Business Operations, Player Personnel (Roster/Cap Management, Scouting, Analytics), Team Administration, Player Development & Safe Sport, Media Relations, TFC 2 & Academy Operations.

“At my time at Schulich, I found my passion for sports marketing after taking MKTG 4320 with Vijay Setlur,” said Morales. “This class was a key factor that motivated me to follow my passion and consider a career in sports. It was the experience that I had working with a domestic sport organization for a consulting project that had truly solidified my interests in working in this field. Additionally, I found that being an iBBA graduate allowed me to further my French language studies while studying abroad in Paris for my last semester, which ultimately gave me the opportunity to secure my first soccer internship with the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP).”

In her role with LFP, Morales contributed to international development initiatives, brand strategy development, and translation. In addition to her experience, Morales will bring to the TFC club her trilingualism (English, Spanish, French) and perspectives as a former soccer player with York Lions women’s varsity team.