Schulich PhD Alumna’s Research in Two Top-5 Accounting Journals

Preetika Joshi PhD 2020
Preetika Joshi

Preetika Joshi recently completed her PhD in International Tax at Schulich under the supervision of Associate Professor Amin Mawani. After graduating, she interviewed at various universities in the US, Europe and Canada before joining Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Montreal.

The main paper from her dissertation has been published in the Journal of Accounting Research. Research from her 3rd year summer paper was published in Contemporary Accounting Research while she was still in her PhD program. Both these journals are in the Top-5 peer-reviewed academic outlets in Accounting.

“This has been the best placement and the best journal publication output in our Accounting Area’s 17-year PhD history,” said Professor Mawani.

Joshi’s dissertation examined the economic consequences of recently adopted measures to increase global tax transparency on corporate taxpaying.

“I believe that my research can help shape the tax policy of the future. I aim to extend understanding of how taxation can impact the capital market, management incentives and compensation, corporate disclosures, innovation, investment, and payout strategies,” said Joshi.

In addition to the normal stipends received by all Schulich PhD students, Joshi was awarded the PhD Entrance Fellowship during her first year, followed by Ontario Graduate Scholarships over two years, as well as the prestigious Provost Dissertation Scholarship in her final year. Joshi also received funding from CPA Ontario throughout her doctoral studies.

“My supervisor, Dr. Mawani, provided me invaluable guidance while giving me the freedom to pursue a topic that interests me,” confided Joshi. “The PhD program at Schulich provided me an excellent foundation in research. I couldn’t have picked a better place to pursue my PhD.”