Schulich Alumni Lands Dream Gig with Roblox

Max Vivier (BBA ’19) Max Vivier (BBA ’19)
Data Scientist, Roblox
Max Vivier (BBA ’19)

Before completing his undergraduate degree at Schulich, Max Vivier (BBA ’19) already had a full-time gig lined up with Roblox, the global online gaming platform with user-created games, as their new Data Scientist.

In 2017, Vivier teamed up with his friends in the US and UK to launch a game development studio on the platform, called Novaly Studios.

Since the studio’s inception, Novaly has hired six full-time employees, been commissioned by Warner Brothers and Roblox to create a game, garnered 200 million plays and attracted over two million monthly active users. Vivier also took home four awards at Schulich Startup Night in March 2019 for his work with the studio.

“After releasing several hit games, our team received an invitation to participate in an incubator program hosted by Roblox at their California HQ,” shared Vivier.

He believes the relationships he formed with the company’s managers and directors helped him land the full-time employment. “The experience so far provided me with the best education on using data science to build great products,” he said.

Max-Vivier-Roblox“The most important lesson I’ve learned at Schulich is to park excess money into S&P ETFs,” said Vivier. He also offered advice to students. “Be careful of pursuing careers based on what’s popular with other undergrads (Big 4, IB, Mgmt Consulting). There are likely better opportunities out there for you!”