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Linda Cattelan MBA '95
Linda Cattelan

A renowned leadership and career development expert with over 40 years of combined success in financial services and executive coaching arenas, Schulich alumna Linda Cattelan (MBA ’95) believes in formal education as a catalyst in breaking cultural and economic barriers. Linda credits her parents, neither of whom had more than an elementary education, for sparking her motivation to expand her career options through formal education.

This spark had led Linda to pursue her MBA at the Schulich School of Business. Her Schulich journey as a part-time student started in 1989 when she first set foot in the School then known as the Faculty of Administrative Studies. Over the next six years, Linda pursued her MBA while raising two children and advancing in her career. Linda has many fond memories of her student days, but one towers over the rest­—her 601 project, with Schulich’s Founding Dean, the late Dr. James Gillies, serving as advisor to her team.

“It was very intensive but the project brought together everything my team learned through the program and tested us through the application of our knowledge and our ability to collaborate with each other. Solid long-lasting relationships were built through this process,” recounts Linda.

The relationships that Linda first built from her student days have remained constant and have kept her connected with the School. For many years, Linda has generously shared her time, talent, and treasure, all of which have directly impacted the lives of Schulich students and alumni alike.

From sharing her renowned executive coaching chops at CONNECT, the School’s annual alumni forum, and mentoring students at the Alumni2Student mentorship to participating at events and supporting the Schulich Annual Fund, including the inaugural Schulich Giving Day last year, Linda is passionate about giving back and helping others to unlock their potential, ascend in their careers, and achieve fulfilment in their lives, in particular Schulich’s next generation of business leaders to whom she offers this advice:

“Take full advantage of the Schulich experience and opportunities like Connect or the mentorship program. Network and build solid relationships. Fellow students will become life-long friends, colleagues who can open doors to opportunities, career advisors, supporters, and your champions. Learn from mentors who have gone before you to fast-track your learning and development. Work hard, but have fun doing it. It’s not about the end result, it really is about the journey getting there,” says Linda.

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