From Finance Nerd to Startup Queen

Joanna Track (MBA ’95) Founder & Executive Publisher of The Bullet
Joanna Track (MBA ’95)

Joanna Track (MBA ’95) recently launched The Bullet, a free email subscription service that gives you “a shot” of daily news. It is delivered every weekday morning to your inbox and is the quickest way to stay up-to-date on big news stories.

Before launching this service, Track has worked in the corporate sector for almost a decade. She realized she has a natural aptitude for number-crunching and decided to get an MBA with a Finance specialization at Schulich.

“I believe that everyone should get an MBA, no matter what career path they pursue. Having a strong knowledge of business – accounting, finance, HR, etc. – has been a major factor in my success,” said Track. “The connections I made in the MBA program were incredible. It’s been 23 years and I still have strong friendships with my 601 crew. Not only do we remain friends, but have supported each other’s businesses over the years.”

Joanna worked at other companies over the years, before deciding to pursue her own entrepreneurial ideas. She had launched big brands, such as the former lifestyle website Sweetspot, online fashion retailer eLuxe, and a marketing consulting firm called, Good Eggs & Co.

“One of the biggest lessons I learned from my Schulich MBA was managing my time. I never found any one assignment overly challenging. But it was managing how to get it all done, and do it effectively, that I felt was the biggest challenge. That is to me the strongest example of school mirroring life. The demands just keep coming, so it’s learning how to manage and prioritize.”

Photo courtesy of The Edge Leaders.