Schulich Alumnus Combats Anti-Black Racism in Canada

Dennis Mitchell MBA '02
CEO & CIO, Starlight Capital
Dennis Mitchell

Dennis Mitchell (MBA ’02), CEO & CIO, Starlight Capital, is one of more than 50 Black executives and leaders dedicated to lending their expertise to the Black community with the creation of the Black Opportunity Fund (BOF). Founded this year, the fund is a dynamic partnership between businesses, philanthropists, foundations and the Black community to combat the impact of systemic anti-Black racism in Canada.

“This is a national movement, of the community, for the community,” Mitchell said. “The BOF is a collection of people who love this country, and want to see it work for more people. We want to make a difference and have a positive impact in the life of every Canadian.”

Following in the footsteps of The Equality Fund that supports Canadian women, the BOF is the first permanently endowed fund to support the cultural, economic, and political growth required to enable Canada’s institutions, governments, and businesses to embrace greater diversity at all levels.

“Every day in the Black community, we are missing the potential of all of those people strewed in lower economic futures,”said Mitchell.  “Racial diversity generates positive results and benefits society as a whole.”

The BOF will broadly prioritize initiatives around education, healthcare, youth, women, social justice, immigration, technology, entrepreneurship, and politics that impact the quality of life in the Black community. 

“The BOF is a complex multi-year, multi-prong attack to defeat anti-Black racism. I want to be part of the solution moving forward,” said Mitchell.

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