MMAI Candidate Wins $17,500 Vector Scholarship

Darren Singh MMAI Candidate 2024
Darren Singh

Darren Singh (MMAI Candidate 2024) has been announced as one of the prestigious winners of the 2023-24 Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence (VSAI). Valued at $17,500, these merit-based scholarships recognize top candidates pursuing studies in either Vector-recognized Master’s programs which provide students with the AI skills and competencies sought by employers, or individual AI study paths in Ontario.

“The Vector Scholarship allows me to have peace of mind while pursuing my MMAI and serves as a reminder that hard work does pay off,” said Singh. “The countless late nights that I had spent studying, working on assignments and programming during my undergraduate degree in Astrophysics and Computer Science at York University played a large role in me receiving this award.”

Singh says the scholarship will allow him to focus more on his studies and less about funding his education. He is also looking forward to accessing Vector Institutes vast community which will accelerate his learning and education in AI.

“The MMAI being a 12-month professional degree related to Artificial Intelligence allows me to obtain a graduate degree without needing to remain entirely in academia,” says Singh. “The Artificial Intelligence Consulting Project (AICP) that is part of the degree will enable me to obtain relevant work experience before I graduate and enter the workforce.”

Scholarship recipients become part of the Vector Institute’s community of renowned researchers, major Canadian companies, and AI startups solving high-impact problems. Recipients receive support for their education, and affiliation with Vector can open high-quality career options through Vector’s networking & career events, Digital Talent Hub and professional development.