IMBA Alum Leads Innovation as Tech Entrepreneur

Andrew Wilson (IMBA ’10) COO, GrowerIQ
Andrew Wilson (IMBA ’10)

Andrew Wilson (IMBA ’10) always had a passion for international business and technology. Before founding GrowerIQ, Wilson learned to speak Spanish, and taught himself to code while completing an undergraduate elective. Little did he know, that elective would propel him into a career as a technology consultant developing solutions that helped businesses boost efficiencies and improve processes.

“Once I realized I was able to build a web page that would be available anywhere, I was bitten by the tech bug. From there I taught myself new frameworks and languages to level up and make more interesting things” said Wilson.

From discussions with Master Grower, Shlomo Booklin, Wilson discovered that the cultivation industry was stuck using fragmented software and systems that didn’t communicate with each other. He sensed an opportunity to build a better mousetrap, and GrowerIQ was born. GrowerIQ is the first seed-to-sale platform designed in partnership with a Master Grower, that integrates multiple facility systems, including:

  • Cultivation tracking;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Facility controls;
  • Quality Management Systems; and
  • Shopify client portal

After earning his undergraduate degree in International Relations, Schulich’s International MBA Program (IMBA) was an obvious decision for Wilson. The program combined an interesting mix of international business, along with a language component. He completed his work term in Mexico, honing Spanish skills that would come in handy during GrowerIQ’s Colombian expansion.

“It’s pretty interesting how the strength of my Schulich network has helped fuel our success. Whether we’re looking for help facing down business challenges, or looking for new partners or customers, my IMBA classmates are the first place I look,” Wilson says. “I’m able to leverage my Schulich network in many ways, which is hugely advantageous when building a business.”