MBA/JD Student Launches an Innovative Dating App

Amy Ge MBA/JD ’21
Amy Ge

When Amy Ge (MBA/JD ’21) realized that many online dating apps were iterations of the blueprint that Tinder established back in 2012, she wanted to build something different to help others find genuine connections.

With the help of her team who are video game developers, Amy launched a game-based dating app, Heartcade, earlier this year. Its mission is to end swiping for all, put personality before pictures, and to help people cut through the noise of online dating.

Users participate in a completely blind dating experience for the first game, where they are matched with other singles without seeing what they look like. They then decide after a period of chatting if they would like to reveal their profiles to each other.

“We’ve worked hard to create a low-pressure, fun environment where people can be themselves,” shared Ge. “At the very least, you’ll walk away having had a great conversation with someone.”

Amy believes that her dual degree in law and business has been incredibly helpful when it came to her startup. “I always say that it’s not as important to know the right answers as it is to know the right questions,” she said. “I think my background in law and business allows me to, at the very least, ask the right questions to people who know more than I do, be it our company’s lawyers, accountants, or advisors.”

Ge also gives credit to Schulich Startups and Entrepreneur in Residence Chris Carder for their strong support, entrepreneurial expertise, and connections to industry advisors. She believes that the startup world is the only place where failure is a great thing. “Get your failures out of the way so you can learn and start succeeding.”

The beta version is currently being tested by university students across Canada on an invite-only basis, but Ge reveals that there are plans to make the mobile app available for everyone to join in the future.

To learn more about Heartcade, you can connect with the team at