Health Industry Management

  • Healthcare expenditure accounts for a significant share of every country’s gross domestic product (GDP), including Canada.

    Canada’s universal healthcare system is a complex ecosystem of publicly funded hospital and physician services and privately funded (i.e., private insurance or out of pocket) services that are not covered by public insurance such as dental care, long term care and outpatient prescription drugs. Woven together by public policy and regulatory oversight, the system is supported by an array of private enterprises supplying essential goods (e.g., pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and supplies) and services (e.g., IT, consulting).

    The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving due to the aging population, complex diseases, and longevity. There is an increased demand for services with limited resources. More than ever, business practitioners are required in healthcare to lead disruptive business models and process innovations, reduce healthcare resource waste, increase efficiency, and lead transformation. While the healthcare industry requires a broad range of clinical talent, it also requires specialized business/management practitioners with skills ranging from strategic planning, operational management, analytics, IT, finance, marketing, business development, human resources, and workforce planning.

    Based on consultations from industry leaders, employers and students, HIMP has designed a didactic and experiential curriculum (built on the core MBA fundamentals that students learned in year-1) to provide a solid knowledge base and understanding of the health sector. The program is led by faculty, and sector leaders focused on in-depth insights into the industry’s opportunities, complexities, and challenges.

    Our goal is to enable students to leverage their learnings in pursuing exciting career opportunities and growth in this industry.

    A career in healthcare offers a unique combination of professional accomplishment and the opportunity to serve in one of society’s most consequential and vital sectors.


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  • <b>Joseph Mapa, MBA, FCCHL, LFACHE</b> <br> Krembil Chair in Health Management and Leadership <br> Program Director, Health Industry Management Program (HIMP) <br> Adjunct Professor <br> <a> </a>
    Joseph Mapa, MBA, FCCHL, LFACHE
    Krembil Chair in Health Management and Leadership
    Program Director, Health Industry Management Program (HIMP)
    Adjunct Professor

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Professional Designations

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  • Professional Designations

    The HIMP specialization provides students advanced standing towards earning their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation, under the Schulich School of Business' strategic alliance with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL). Students who enroll in the strategic alliance must complete the CHE program requirements within three years from the date of enrolment.


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Successful completion of 12.00 credits total, consisting of the following:

  • Completion of the Schulich MBA core courses, PLUS
  • Successful completion of 12 credits (where a 3-credit course is typically a standard 12-week course that meets once a week for 3 hours during the fall or winter terms) consisting of the following:
  • An introductory dinner workshop in September (orientation to the Canadian Healthcare System- challenges and future trends) PLUS
  • 3 courses (9 credits) from the four core HIMP courses (see below), AND
  • A fourth course from the four current core HIMP courses offered, OR
  • One related course (3 credits) from a Recommended Electives list (see below), OR
  • Up to 3.00 credits of relevant graduate level course from other York Faculties, OR
  • An Independent Studies Course HIMP 6900 (3 credits) in the Healthcare SectorNotwithstanding the requirements outlined above, (3 out of 4 core HIMP courses etc.), it is highly recommended to take all four core HIMP courses. Each course provides a unique perspective, enriching your insights and understanding of the health industry.

HIMP Elective Courses:


Recommended Elective Courses:


Graduate Diploma in Health Industry Management

Successful completion of 12.00 credits total, consisting of the following:

  • 3 courses (9.00 credits) from the current four HIMP Elective courses,

        AND one of the following options:

  • One related course (3.00 credits) from the Additional Electives list
  • With a letter of approval, up to 3.00 credits of relevant graduate level course from other York Faculties
  • An approved Independent Studies Course (HIMP 6900 3.00) in the Healthcare Sector
  • A fourth course from the four current HIMP courses offered

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be taken concurrently with a Schulich MBA*
  • The diploma must be completed within one term of completing graduate program degree requirements
  • All students must take a minimum of 9.00 credits of HIMP Elective Courses
  • Equivalent of a minimum 10-week full-time internship in a healthcare organization. Upon approval, prior work experience and/or prior internship in the healthcare sector may be considered as a substitute for the 10-week internship requirement
  • An introductory dinner workshop in September (orientation to the Canadian Healthcare System- challenges and future trends)

* Students must satisfy both Graduate Diploma and MBA requirements.




NOTE: Not all courses required to fulfill a specialization are offered each term. Course offerings are based on factors such as student demand and instructor availability. The office of Student Services & International Relations is available to provide advising on course sequencing and the fulfillment of program and specialization requirements within a student’s period of study. For current course offerings and details, please view the Schulich Course Offerings Database.


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Drawn from many disciplines at Schulich, the HIMP faculty are reputed in their particular areas of expertise and play leading roles in the private and hospital sectors as CEOs, entrepreneurs and consultants; in the public sector as policy advisors and economists; and in the not-for-profit sector as consultants, board members and administrators

Career Opportunities

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  • This specialization is designed to position graduates in the Health Industry Management sector. A career in health care offers the opportunity to serve in one of the most important sectors to the future of our country.

    Job titles held by HIMP graduates include: Program Manager (Health Service Provider); Director, Child Health Service (Hospital); Director, Business Development & Analytics (Consulting); Manager, National Health Services Practice (Consulting); Manager, Infectious Disease Therapy (Pharmaceutical);  Project Management Analyst (Hospital), and Long Range Planning Specialist (Government).

  • Jordana Warner

    “The Schulich MBA was instrumental in launching my career in the health care sector. ”

    Jordana WarnerProject Manager
    Office of Integration & Strategy
    Sinai Health System
  • The Schulich Centre for Career Design

    Your career is top priority at Schulich. To make career decisions that are right for you, the CCD will help you identify strengths, determine career objectives, develop career plans, hone skills for career management and put your professional development plan into action.

    - Our highly experienced CCD Advisors bring a unique combination of first-hand knowledge, experience and diverse perspectives in a wide variety of businesses and industry sectors.

    - Take advantage of a series of proven career-building modules, including up-to-date Job Search Techniques, Self-Assessment, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, and Interview Skills to help you stand out from the competition.

    - Corporate Information Sessions offer you an opportunity to meet top level recruiters, alumni and executives.

  • Centre for Career Design

Student Clubs

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Schulich Healthcare & Biotechnology Forum (HCBF)

HCBF is an MBA student club dedicated to students networking in areas of the health industry.

HCBF works closely with HIMP, the Schulich School of Business Health Exchange (SSBHE) and the Schulich Career Development Centre (CDC) to organize events that complement students’ academic and personal goals.

For more info, contact a member of the HCBF executive team at

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