• Launch your international career in professional accountancy in Canada.

    The Schulich Diploma in Intermediate Accounting in India (DIAc in India) is an 8-month graduate diploma program designed to provide a foundation in the field of Professional Accountancy in Canada. Students will gain a thorough understanding of financial and management accounting fundamentals and grow their understanding of the sub-disciplines of the field.

    The core curriculum is designed to thoroughly introduce students to accounting concepts such as reporting, analysis, capital structure and financial planning. Topics incorporate key principles for management and ethical considerations in a wider global context, and prepare students to pursue their next steps in a professional accountancy career.

    Upon completion, students are equipped to enter Term 2 of the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program if they so choose, and then proceed to write the Common Final Examination (CFE) with CPA Canada.

    This new program allows students from India to complete the first term of the DIAc program in Hyderabad and the second term in Toronto.

    A flow chart that outlines the DIAc in India program structure and transition into the MAcc program.

Career Opportunities

Whether your goal is to become a professional accountant or pursue another career in business, Schulich’s Diploma in Intermediate Accounting (DIAc in India) will provide you with the introductory knowledge that will help differentiate you from other business professionals. For those looking to further their professional accounting education, graduates of the DIAc in India program are able to complete the Schulich Master of Accounting in an additional 8 months.

Students also have access to the Centre for Career Design (CCD). As Schulich’s in-house team of certified Career Coaches and Industry Advisors, the CCD offers a wealth of innovative programs, resources and individualized mentoring and coaching to help you launch your career. Meet alumni, recruiters and industry leaders at corporate information sessions and other CCD events, and receive online access to the very best career tools available.

DIAc in India Program Details by Category

Admission Requirements

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The India Diploma in Intermediate Accounting (DIAc) program is identical to the regular DIAc program and provides students with a core curriculum designed to thoroughly introduce them to financial and management accounting concepts. Students with a non-business or non-Canadian degree interested in the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program must first complete the DIAc. Eligible students holding a three-year undergraduate degree from a recognized Indian institution (see requirement checklist below for further details) can only join the India DIAc program. Students with a four-year degree from an Indian institution can choose to join either the India DIAc program or the regular DIAc program commencing Term 0 in Toronto. Students admitted to the India DIAc program complete Term 0 of the program in Hyderabad, India and then join the rest of the DIAc students in Toronto from Term 1 onwards.

Please refer to the MAcc Journey Chart for a full description of how the DIAc in India leads to the MAcc.

Requirement Checklist

The general admission requirements for the DIAc in India are listed below. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission, as space in each program is limited. A holistic approach is taken during the application review process and all components of the application are thoroughly reviewed.

  1. A three-year or four-year undergraduate degree from an Indian institution that has a National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) rating of at least an A, and who have achieved a first-class rating (60% & above) overall in the Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Prerequisite courses in Economics (Micro & Macro), Statistics and Corporate Finance taken at the undergraduate/graduate level.
  3. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (waivers on a case-by-case basis)
    • Acceptable scores on all measures of the GMAT or GRE
    • To send your GMAT or GRE test scores to the Schulich School of Business, please use the following process:
      • GMAT: Use the search function within your GMAT/GMAC account to search for the Schulich School of Business when selecting your score recipients.
      • Example of how our name appears: York University, Schulich School of Business, Program Name (ie. Master of Business Administration, Master of Finance, Master of Supply Chain Management, etc.)
      • GRE: Send your score using the following code: 5697
  4. Work Experience
    • Post degree work experience is recommended but not required.
  5. Completion of the online application which requires:
    • Essays (2 written, 1 timed written, 2 video)
    • An up-to-date resume
    • Two references
    • Unofficial copies of transcripts from all previously attended post-secondary institutions*
    • Unofficial copies of GMAT or GRE scores*
    • *Official copies of these documents will be required if an applicant receives an offer to the program
  6. Proof of English language proficiency if studies were not completed in English.
Accepted Tests Minimum Score
IELTS (Academic Test) 7.0 overall (minimum 6.5 on each dimension)
TOEFL   100 iBT (minimum 23 on each dimension)
Schulich’s TOEFL code is B710 with Department Code 02
    • Applicants who have completed at least two years of full-time study at an accredited university in a country (or institution) where English is the official language of instruction are not required to submit an English proficiency test.
    • Strong applicants whose first language is not English and do not meet the above language requirements may be considered for admission with the condition of completion of the MBA/Specialized Master’s Preparation Program offered by the York University English Language Institute.

For more information please see our Application Tips.


The DIAc in India program is offered on a full-time basis only. Full time studies start in May of each year.

Entry Round 1* Round 2 Round 3 Round 4**
May 2024 July 26, 2023 September 6, 2023 October 18, 2023  N/A

**International students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible in order to have sufficient time to apply for a study permit, should they receive an offer of admission.

**For domestic applicants only.

Please note: Your GMAT/GRE score and responses from your referees can be completed after your application has been submitted.

Students may only submit a single application. Students are not permitted to apply in multiple rounds or to multiple programs.

MAcc Journey Chart

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Tuition & Fees

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Study Options

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Available delivery options

  • Full-time 8 months (4 months in Hyderabad and 4 months in Toronto)


  • Keele Campus Toronto, Canada
  • Hyderabad Campus Hyderabad, India
Graduation Requirements

Curriculum Overview

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Term 0

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Term 1



Upon successful completion of the DIAc (Terms 0 and 1) students are eligible to enter Term 2 of the Master of Accounting (MAcc).

Continue to Term 2 of the Master of Accounting


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Accounting faculty members have a wide variety of backgrounds and extensive professional experience. Canada’s leading advanced and intermediate accounting textbooks have been written by Schulich faculty members. Recent research includes topics such as accounting education, applied ethics, executive compensation, accounting for nonprofit organizations, international accounting harmonization, audit judgement, taxation of employee stock options, personal tax planning and policy, pension accounting, social accountability, accounting regulation and standard setting, performance metrics and incentive plans, strategic cost management, management decision-making, strategic performance measurement systems, and the translation of management ideas, as well as a substantial body of critical research on the role of accounting in society and in organizations.

Teaching & Learning Online

Career Opportunities

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  • Successful graduates of the 30 credit program will be eligible for entry into Term 2 of the Master of Accounting (MAcc), which would complete the graduate’s accounting education. Schulich's innovative MAcc program will equip you to succeed in today's increasingly complex and global business environment.
  • The Schulich Centre for Career Design

    Your career is top priority at Schulich. To make career decisions that are right for you, the CCD will help you identify strengths, determine career objectives, develop career plans, hone skills for career management and put your professional development plan into action.

    - Our highly experienced CCD Advisors bring a unique combination of first-hand knowledge, experience and diverse perspectives in a wide variety of businesses and industry sectors.

    - Take advantage of a series of proven career-building modules, including up-to-date Job Search Techniques, Self-Assessment, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, and Interview Skills to help you stand out from the competition.

    - Corporate Information Sessions offer you an opportunity to meet top level recruiters, alumni and executives.

  • Centre for Career Design

Professional Designations

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Graduates of the Master of Accounting program are eligible to write the CPA Common Final Examination (CFE) and pursue a designation as a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Connect with Admissions

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