PhD Courses Overview

There are four types of courses in the PhD program: DCAD Core Courses, Major Field Core Courses, Major Field Elective Courses and Minor Field(s) Elective Courses.

DCAD Core Courses
The DCAD core courses are designed to ensure that all students acquire a basic competence in research methods, including logics of social research, research design, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Major Field Core Courses
These courses are intended to ensure that all students acquire a knowledge of the fundamental issues and research methods in their field. For a detailed outline of course requirements for each field, please go to the section of this Web site that describes the individual Fields.

Major Field Elective Courses
Within a student’s major field, PhD electives are usually offered as individual reading courses. These enable the student to acquire in-depth knowledge in a particular topic in preparation for conducting research on that topic. Prior to actually beginning a PhD elective, students often take an MBA elective in their field. Such courses help to broaden their knowledge, understanding and awareness of significant issues to be covered in the PhD elective.

Minor Field(s) Elective Courses
It is important for students to develop an awareness of the significant research challenges in other fields of business outside their own major. Candidates holding an MBA degree are required to take at least two courses in a field of study outside their major (the minor field).

Occasionally students with the appropriate undergraduate training also find it valuable for their research preparation to take courses in the fundamental disciplines that support research and Minor Field(s) in management such as mathematics, economics, psychology, and sociology. The strength of York’s graduate programs in these disciplines means that there is a wide range of such courses available.

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