Celebrating Black Leaders and Trailblazers All Month

The Black Graduate Business Network (BGBN) at the Schulich School of Business recently hosted a series of events to celebrate Black History Month. Through the events, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the significant contributions of Black trailblazers and role models who paved the way for future generations. Alumni, MBA, Masters, and BBA students alike attended.

The first event, “Black Disruptors in Consulting,” took place virtually on February 3rd, hosted by Accenture and featured several guest speakers. The second event, “The Power of Networking – Black Resilience”, was held on February 10th in partnership with Onyx Initiative. The event featured guest speaker Wayne Purboo, founder of Onyx Initiative, and keynote speaker Ifeanyi Emesih, founder of My East Coast Experience Media.

The third event, “Being Your Authentic Self with Pride,” took place in-person on February 16th in partnership with TD Bank. Schulich Dean Detlev Zwick spoke at the event alongside keynote speaker Jean-Jacques Rousseau (MBA ’06) and panelists Kikiloye Oyerinde (MBA ’20) and Faith Biyapo.

“Black History Month provides a time during the year when we recognize and applaud the contributions that Black Canadians have made to our country and to our School,” says Dean Zwick. “It’s also a time when we celebrate Black excellence in all aspects of our society, particularly in the world of business.”

BGBN aims to increase diversity and inclusion within the Schulich community and Canadian corporate pipeline. It seeks to showcase Schulich’s diversity, attract top talents to the School, and make Schulich a leader in issues of diversity and inclusion.

“I encourage everyone to continue to embrace the spirit of Black History Month, learn from and celebrate Black leaders’ achievements and be inspired by their strength and resilience,” said Vivian Amah (MBA Candidate ’23), BGBN Co-President. “Let us honour the legacy of those who have come before us by committing to a brighter future for all.”

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