Brent Lyons

Brent Lyons (pronouns: he/him/his) is an Associate Professor of Organization Studies at the Schulich School of Business and the York Research Chair in Stigmatization and Social Identity. His research involves the study of stigma in organizations and how individuals with stigmatized social identities, such as disability, navigate their work and interpersonal relationships to reduce consequences of stigmatization. Brent has published his work in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. His research has also been supported by multiple grants from SSHRC. Brent serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Applied PsychologyJournal of Management, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision ProcessesPrior to joining York University, Brent was an Assistant Professor of Management and Organization Studies at Simon Fraser University. He received his PhD in Organizational Psychology from Michigan State University in 2013.

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