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Yeomans, Julian Scott and M. Kozlova (2022). "Discovering Optionality in Corporate Strategic Decisions with Simulation Decomposition", Real Options: Theory Meets Practice, 28(1).

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Abstract Corporate strategic decisions are often supported by evaluation with real options framework. However, the majority of real options studies choose to analyze generic types of real options. In this extended abstract, we demonstrate how customized real options can be systematically discovered by employing a recently developed approach called Simulation Decomposition or SimDec. SimDec is an enhancement of Monte Carlo simulation, which allows tracing how different input factors and their interactions affect the outcome(s) while preserving the holistic picture of the overall uncertainty. We show the application of SimDec to the two cases of corporate strategic decisionmaking: 1. Investment strategy and 2. Compliance with emissions regulations. Both cases demonstrate that SimDec reveals previously hidden interactions of factors in a model and provides actionable outcome by discovering optionality in strategic decisions

Freeman, R.E., Phillips, R.A. and Sisodia, R. (2020). "Tensions in Stakeholder Theory", Business & Society, 59(2), 213-31.

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Abstract A number of tensions have been suggested between stakeholder theory and strategic management (SM). Following a brief review of the histories of stakeholder theory and mainstream SM, we argue that many of the tensions are more apparent than real, representing different narratives about stakeholder theory, SM, business, and ethics. Part of the difference in these two theoretical positions is due to the fact that they seek to solve different problems. However, we suggest how there are areas of overlap, and we argue that some of the tensions may, instead, provide interesting ways to put the two areas of scholarship and practice together. We maintain that SM and stakeholder theory could mutually benefit from a more pragmatist philosophy.

Guerras-Martín, L., Madhok, A. and Montoro-Sánchez, A. (2014). "The Evolution of Strategic Management Research: Recent Trends and New Directions", Business Research Quarterly, 17(2), 69-76.

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Abstract Strategic management is a relatively youthful discipline that has steadily matured over the past fifty years. The field has become consolidated over this period, while simultaneously expanding the range of topics analyzed and research methodologies used. Different theories and approaches, addressing different research topics, have been developed to explain the reasons underlying firms’ competitive advantage and success. In this paper, we posit the existence of two pendulums in constant motion that, on the one hand, reflect the tension that has historically existed between the focus on internal firm factors and external environmental attributes respectively and, on the other hand, the tension between a more macro level of analysis, i.e., the firm and its environment, and a more micro level one, i.e., individuals and their relations within the firm. The frontier of research in strategic management is shaped by the simultaneous movement of both pendulums.

Voronov, M. (2008). "Toward a Practice Perspective on Strategic Organizational Learning", The Learning Organization, 15, 915-221.

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Abstract "The purpose of this paper is to add to the emerging literatures on organizational learning and strategic management by developing a practice perspective on strategic organizational learning (SOL). While the literature on SOL has been growing, much of it has targeted exclusively practitioners and has not yet elaborated the mechanics and the micro‐dynamics of SOL. This paper is an initial attempt at exploring two important aspects of SOL: deep‐structure politics, and sensegiving. The paper reports a qualitative case study of a major construction project undertaken by a mid‐size urban university as a part of its strategic change initiative. Several ways in which deep‐structure politics shaped SOL at the research site are highlighted. The findings suggest that deep‐structure politics and sensegiving can shape identity processes in the context of SOL in important ways, such as dramatically altering the identity of the project team and symbolically separating it from the host institution. The paper enriches the predominantly practitioner literature on SOL with empirical examination of the practices of SOL."