• Behavioural Research Lab

    The Schulich School of Business offers state-of-the-art facilities to conduct cutting-edge, high-quality behavioural research. The Behavioural Research Lab is dedicated to fostering novel insights that can be used by businesses, governments, policy makers, and society.

  • <b>Peter Darke</b>
<br>Scientific Director
<br>Professor of Marketing
    Peter Darke
    Scientific Director
    Professor of Marketing


The Lab

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Computer Lab Computer Lab

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab includes:

  • 24 PC workstations, each separated by dividers.
  • 2 retinal trackers for eye-tracking research.
  • Equipment to assess Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).
  • A central observation hub from which the lab personnel can monitor and control experiments.
  • Independent server for highly secure data storage.
  • A safe to store valuables.
Flex Space Flex Space

The Flex Space includes:

  • A large multi-functional room with 6 participant workstations.
  • A research assistant workstation (table and computer) beside the door.
  • The space can be tailored to meet the needs of the researchers by moving the tables and arranging the portable room dividers to section off space and create privacy.
  • Computers at each participant workstation.

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Access Access
  • The SSB Behavioural Lab is available to academics and PhD students of the Schulich School of Business who conduct behavioural research.
  • The facilities can only be used to conduct research that has received ethics approval from the York University Ethics Review Board. Ethics approval must be granted prior to booking lab space and collecting data.

Participate in a Study

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The researchers using the SSB Behavioural Lab conduct research that uncovers the ways in which people behave as consumers, entrepreneurs, employees, managers, citizens, and information gatherers. The best way to understand how people interpret, navigate, and interact with their world is to study them in action in a controlled setting. For this type of research, Schulich has a dedicated behavioural research lab.

Students at Schulich School of Business have the opportunity to take part in discipline-specific studies (e.g., marketing) as an experiential educational opportunity. By participating in research that is related to their course subject, students get firsthand experience with how research is conducted in that field. Further, students have the chance to apply what they have learned to real-world business problems. Currently, Schulich School of Business has one discipline-specific research participation pool, the Marketing Area Student Credit Pool.

Students and staff are invited to join the Paid Pool. Participants in this pool contribute to ground-breaking research at Schulich and earn compensation such as money and/or prizes.