FINE 4700 3.00

Level Undergraduate
Department FINANCE - ROOM SSB N204A, (416) 736-5073 fax (416) 736-5687
Description This course is designed to prepare managers for the newly developing financial services industry. The initial part of the course provides the conceptual background for a broad view of the management function in financial services. The second part of the course develops a generic set of tools for managing return and the various kinds of risk facing managers in this industry. The final part reviews recent adventures and misadventures of industry sectors including: financial regulators, central and chartered banking, trust companies, mortgage loan companies, credit unions and caisses populaires, investment bankers, property and casualty insurers, life insurers and investment funds. Near- and long-term market-size factors are considered including demographics, foreign competition in the Canadian market, as well as the opportunities and threats facing Canadian institutions that venture abroad. Prerequisite: SB/FINE 2000 3.00 Course Credit Exclusion: GL/ECON 3380 3.00