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    Crowdsourcing Wisdom

    CONNECT Online '20 | Leadership and Resilience | Virtual Events throughout November 2020

    As part of CONNECT, The Schulich Alumni Forum, we invite our alumni – you – to share your wisdom with the Schulich community, ie. our students, faculty, staff and fellow alumni.

    These are unique times and often taken for granted management ideas, standard operating procedures and traditional business wisdom may no longer apply. But where should we get the knowledge, ideas, and insights that may help us, our organizations and our businesses survive and even thrive during this time of turbulence and uncertainty? Our idea is to create a Schulich Knowledge Hub where we bring together insights, ideas and knowledge from our amazing alumni around the world. This knowledge hub will bring the collective wisdom of our alumni together to be shared with the Schulich community. This is one way how we can help each other adapt, navigate and manage our personal and professional lives during a time of radical change.

    Our Request: Help us capture how our alumni business leaders are managing during the pandemic.

    Please record a 90 second video answering one or more of the following questions.

    1. What inspired you to stay positive and focused? (For example, you may wish to reference a book your read, a lecture you heard, a conversation you had, a leader you admired.)
    2. What are some key changes you and your company made?
    3. Tell us one change you or your organization made that worked and one change that didn’t.

    Your video will be posted on our website and may be referenced by our Schulich community.

    How to Submit your Video

    • Record your video using a cell phone, tablet, or computer.
    • Save your file as an MP4 using the format: LastnameFirstnameQNumber
      i.e. Jane Smith is submitting her response to question 2, her file will be named SmithJaneQ2.mp4
    • For instructions on renaming a video file on a mobile device, click here
    • Submit your information form, below (Step 1)
    • Submit your video file, you will be prompted after submitting your information form (Step 2)
    • You will receive a confirmation by email for both your information form and your video upload ( two emails), check your junk email if you don’t receive yours then contact alumni@schulich.yorku.ca if you still can’t find it.

    Tips for recording a great video

    • Know what you’re going to say in advance, notes are okay!
    • Find a well lit, quiet, and comfortable spot to record
    • Avoid backlighting, overhead lighting, or harsh lighting on your face.  Natural, soft, indirect light is best.
    • Tilt your head slightly if you see a glare on your glasses
    • If filming on a phone or tablet, use a stand or ask a friend to film for you to keep your video steady
    • Place your camera slightly above eye level
    • Look directly into the camera to make eye contact with your audience
    • Speak at an even pace, clearly enunciate your words, and adjust your volume if you’re speaking too loud or too quiet
    • Record a practice take to see what you may need to improve on

    Step 1: Submit Your Information Form

    Step 2: Submit Your Video File

    Upload your video to our dropbox account at https://www.dropbox.com/request/sveM601xsctvuc7AuIqm

    How to rename a file on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

    • Record your video as normal.
    • Select your video and hit the Share button (box with an upward arrow in the upper right corner of your screen)
    • Scroll down the list and select “Save to Files”
    • Note: If you do not have the Files app currently installed, you will be prompted to install it now.  This is an apple made app and comes standard on most Apple devices. It is not a 3rd party app.
    • Once saved, go to Files and find your video
    • Hold your finger down on the video to open the options menu
    • Select ‘rename’
    • You will now be able to type in the video name following our naming structure (LastnameFirstnameQNumber)

    How to rename a file on Android

    • Record your video as normal
    • Open the all apps section of your Android phone and select Files
    • Find the image you just downloaded to the downloads folder
    • Long press on the image so that a blue checkmark appears (don’t open the image, just select it.)
    • Select the : menu and then > Rename
    • Rename the file and save
    • Upload the renamed file to Google Photos or your preferred cloud site