• Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

    The new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group (EDI WG) was established in Summer 2020 to address anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism. The EDI WG is working to establish a strategic plan that identifies actions to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive academic and work environment at the Schulich School of Business. The EDI WG was initially mandated to address the following priority areas.

    1. Identify ways to create greater Black and Indigenous representation among our students;
    2. Identify ways to create greater Black and Indigenous representation among staff, instructors, and faculty;
    3. Integrate Black and Indigenous perspectives into our curriculum and learning;
    4. Strengthen our engagement with external stakeholders, within and outside York University, aimed at developing careers of Black and Indigenous people;
    5. Foster a culture of inclusion of Black and Indigenous staff, students, instructors, and faculty that involves safety around having conversations about race and racism, active allyship, and being your authentic self.

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Preliminary Issues and Recommendations

Throughout fall 2020 and winter 2021, members of the EDI WG collected data about experiences of racism, equity, and inclusion at Schulich. These data and additional research helped the EDI WG craft recommendations, which are summarized below. These preliminary recommendations—reflecting short-, medium-, and longer-term objectives—are a work in progress and will change as the EDI WG continues its work. The EDI WG plans to create a full report and present that report to the entire Schulich community in spring 2021.

Short-Term Recommendations

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To be implemented in spring and summer 2021

  1. Formation of Equity, People and Culture (EPC) Committee [working title]
    • Faculty Council committee to continue mandate of EDI Working Group, with two particular focus on decolonization, Indigeneity, anti-racism, equity, and inclusion at Schulich
    • Formation of two sub-committees, one focused on Indigenous initiatives and another on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  1. Appointment of Director of EPC
    • Chairs EPC Committee and supports implementation of EPC recommendations
  1. Formulate Schulich Anti-Racism Mission Statement and Policy 
  1. Data Collection and Reporting of Representation of Faculty, Instructors, Staff, and students
  1. Curriculum Champions
    • Re-configuration of program learning objectives
    • Identification of courses to integrate learning objectives
    • Collaboration between Program Directors and Area Coordinators
  1. Incorporate Inclusivity as a Measure of Teaching Effectiveness in Course Evaluations
  1. Standardize and Formalize Hiring Process for Instructors 
  1. Build Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into Job Descriptions and Job Criteria for Faculty, Staff, and Instructors
  1. Create Safe Reporting Procedure for Incidents of Harassment and Discrimination
    • Also include remedying and penalty process to be detailed in Schulich’s Anti-Racism Policy
    • Accessible for all faculty, instructors, staff, and students
  1. Scholarships and Bursaries for Black and Indigenous Students

Medium-term recommendations

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To be implemented in fall 2021

  1. Implement intercultural awareness training—including Indigeneity, decolonization, and anti-racism—for all new employees 
  1. Develop and Offer Ongoing Intercultural Awareness training—Including Indigeneity, decolonization, and anti-racism—for all faculty and instructors
  1. Symbolic Changes to Schulich’s Physical and Social Environment
    • Incorporate art of, by, and from Black and Indigenous artists into our hallways and environment
    • Celebrate events honouring the contributions of Black and Indigenous people
  1. Secure Positive Space for Black and Indigenous Members of Schulich’s community

Longer-Term Recommendations

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To be implemented in 2022

  1. Offer Support Services for Racialized members of Schulich’s Community
  1. Implement Intercultural Awareness Training into All Core Courses
  1. Reconfigure Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Process to Increase Accessibility for All Students
  1. Reconfigure Recruitment Process for Hiring of Black and Indigenous Faculty and Instructors

Meet the Members

Brent Lyons


Associate Professor of Organization Studies
York Research Chair in Stigmatization and Social Identity

Marcia Annisette


Professor of Accounting
Associate Dean, Academic

Carl James


Professor of Education
Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community, & Diaspora
Senior Advisor on Equity and Representation at York University

Reni Odetoyinbo

Alumni Representative

BBA ‘18
Marketing Manager, BMO Private Wealth

David Griffiths

Alumni Representative

MBA ‘09
Sr. Managing Consultant, IBM Canada

Dennis Mitchell

Alumni Representative

MBA ‘03
Starlight Capital

Kikeloye Oyerinde

Alumni Representative

IMBA '20
(Former GBC President 2019-2020)
Wealth Management Generalist
RBC Global Asset Management

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


MBA '06
Post-doctoral Fellow in Explainability & Trust in AI Systems at the Lassonde School of Engineering
Chair, CARE for Internationally Educated Nurses
Former Technical Advisor in Innovation, Science and Competitiveness to the President of Haiti

Ivona Hideg

Faculty Representative

Associate Professor of Organization Studies
Ann Brown Chair in Organization Studies

Ela Veresiu

Faculty Representative

Associate Professor of Marketing

Mike Valente

Faculty Representative

Associate Professor of Organization Studies and Business Sustainability
Director BBA/iBBA programs

Cynthia Loch-Drake

Instructor Representative

Course Instructor
History of Capitalism

Ushnish Sengupta

Instructor Representative

Course Instructor
Project Management and Information Systems

Paula Gowdie Rose

Staff Representative

Administrative Assistant

Balaaj Durrani

Student Representative

BBA Candidate
President at Undergraduate Business Society

Benita Munzundu

Student Representative

BBA Candidate
Founding President at Schulich Black Student Association

Shirin Dinyarian

Student Representative

BBA Candidate
Vice President of Operations at Undergraduate Business Society

Sara Reza

Student Representative

BBA Candidate

Daniela Espitia Garcia

Student Representative

MMKG Candidate '21
Student Representative

Sydney Sebro

Student Representative

MBA Candidate
Social Director at Graduate Business Council

Mathuri Mayakrishnan

Student Representative
MBA Candidate
Corporate Relations Manager at Graduate Business Council

Jessica Harry

Student Representative
MMgt Candidate
Digital Social Events Manager at Graduate Business Council

Camellia Bryan

Research Assistant

PhD Candidate