• Initiatives

    As part of the School’s efforts to advance equity, diversity and inclusion within the Schulich community, we have embarked on a number of key initiatives that seek to improve access for students from underrepresented communities and create inclusive opportunities for learning, teaching and research at Schulich while engaging the contributions of our alumni and community members.

  • Committee for Equity and Community

    Provides a forum for discussion, consultation, coordination, and planning of academic initiatives by faculty, instructors, staff, and students.

  • Schulich Business Excellence Academy

    An annual summer business education and mentorship program supporting approximately 100 Grade 10 or 11 high school students across Ontario. The program targets all students from under-represented communities with a focus on black and indigenous communities.

  • Black Youth Entrepreneurship

    An online course delivered across 7 modules with a goal to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among Black Youth (accessible via eCampus Ontario).

  • Business Certificate Webinar Series to Schulich Business e-Certificate Program

    An 8-week course delivered across 7 modules covering the basic of business for entrepreneurs and youth in the community.

  • University Pathways Program

    A program collaboration across three business schools in Ontario to address barriers that prevent the representation of Black students in Business programs and to deepen and enhance students’ understanding of academic pathways and opportunities for careers in business following graduation.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships and awards which recognize excellence through academic achievement and extracurricular involvement in the school and/or wider community.