• Programs

    We envision the following services:

    • Mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation training
    • Meditation training and sessions
    • Low-intensity yoga and stretching
    • Nutritional workshops and training
    • Mental health workshops
    • Biometrics
    • Fitbit wellness experiences
    • Community education and learning sessions facilitated by the School of Nursing*
    • Fitness and health risk assessments with Faculty of Health graduate students
    • Sessions on wellness goal-setting
    • Rotating “equipment of the month” programs
    • Colour and music therapy

Colleen and Brian Johnston Wellness SuiteThe Colleen and Brian Johnston Wellness Suite is proud to be working with the CORNER (Community OutReach Nursing Resources) program at York University’s School of Nursing – whose goal is to partner with schools, community organizations, corporations, and others interested in hosting nursing to deliver health promotion workshops, seminars and programs.  CORNER will be working with the Schulich community to provide some of the programming in the Wellness Suite.  In February, CORNER will be undertaking a survey at Schulich to better understand your its needs and wants for the Wellness Suite.