Filomena's Guestbook

Irene Henriques

I first met Filomena 32 years ago. When she saw me, she said hello and I said hello. She thought I was a student and I thought she was a student! When I discovered that she was our Administrative Assistant we laughed. She loved engaging people – yes even academics! Filomena was always positive, responsive, and cheerful with everyone she met. Very few people had the level of energy and commitment to the Area and School. She strived for excellence not only from herself but others as well! I will miss her laugh - heaven has gained an angel.

Yvonne Massop

Filomena was a beautiful becon of light and radiance; one of the most memorable and special people at Schulich. It was a joy to see her smiling face as she walked into a room. She will be greatly missed and remembered always. My personal, warm and heartfelt wishes to the family as you cope with your loss.
With my deepest sympathy
Yvonne Massop
Office of the Dean

Donald Daly

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Dr. Donald Daly, Professor of Economics, worked with Filomena from the time she arrived at York University until he retired. In addition to being colleagues for years, Filomena became a close family friend. She is pictured here at the Daly’s 75th Wedding Anniversary celebration, along with Dr. William (Bill) Jordan. At almost 100, Don remembers Filomena fondly and was terribly saddened to learn of her passing and lamented “she was so young…”. The whole Daly family will remember Filomena as a warm, energetic, generous and patient person who will be missed.

Tony D’Agostino

I first met Filomena more than 37 years ago and yet, I will still miss her friendly and bubbly disposition. She was a good and kind soul. Condolences to her husband and family.


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Please accept my sincere sympathy for your loss. I admired her for her zest for life, her joyful flamboyance, and the bright positivity she brought to those around her. She was always fun to be around. May God Bless her and provide comfort to you and your family at this difficult time.
“Revelation 21.4: And God shall wipe away tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.”

Joe Fayt

I extend my sincere condolences to Filomena's family and close friends. Speaking with Filomena always lifted me up. I will always remember her for her kind and gentle nature.

James McKellar

My thoughts are with your family. Filomena gave so much to the Schulich School and few will match her contributions over so many years.

Alan Marshall

In my more that four decades or knowing her, I have never known a staff member as consistently friendly and pleasant as Filomena. She was such a lovely person, who will be missed by many.

Susan Kimberley

Dear Lisa and Family,

I met Filomena in 1988 when she welcomed me to the Faculty of Administrative Studies with open arms.

I will miss her grace, her smile, and her magnetic energy.

Filomena's footprint will remain forever in the heart of the Schulich Community.


Susan Kimberley

Nicola Jagdeosingh

My sincerest condolences for you all at this time. I will cherish the many wonderful memories I have of Filomena. She will be greatly missed.

Menglin (Mary) Bai

Dear Filomena,

It has been a great pleasure to know you and work with you. I still remembered the first time that we met each other in person back to Dec 2019 in the pot luck event. You made me felt so welcomed to the event and you have organized that event so well. It was my first time attend the event but you are so enthusiastic and made me feel like I have belong to the Schulich family for a long time.

You will be greatly missed!



I am extremely sad to hear of Filomena’s passing.
It was always a pleasure to see her welcoming smile every morning as I walked past her open office door or stopped to chat (sometimes to see the latest photos of her grandchildren). She always called me Dr. B. (and I, in turn, usually called her Mrs. T).
Filomena was a good friend and colleague.
Over the last four plus decades, together we met lots of challenges and had lots of fun. Her loyalty to the members of the Economics Area has always been extraordinary. She was often the glue that held the Area together.
Filomena always loved parties and she made sure that every year, we (in the north wing of the second floor) had a delightful Christmas gathering.
Filomena added a lot to Schulich. She will be greatly missed.
Bernie Wolf

Kathleen Welsby

My deepest condolences to Filomena's family. She was an extremely proud grandmother and I always enjoyed sharing grandchildren updates whenever we had the chance to catch up. We will all miss her warmth and infectious smile. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the memorial, I will be away, but I will be thinking of you all.

Bev Kelbert

I am so very sorry for the loss of your wonderful wife , mother and grandmother.
Filomena was a beautiful lady who always had time for you and made everyone feel welcomed.
I have good memories of happy times with Filomena, when we talked about our kids and her grandkids, had our pot lucks and just chatted about life.
I still expect to see her in her office when I walk by, I will miss her beautiful soul.

Cindy Zhuang

You are always kind and smiling. You worked very hard. At the outbreak of the Pandemic, all YUSA staff were allowed to work from home. However, you still came to the campus to work. You will be missed.

Eli Prisman

I have known Filomena for over 30 years. We used to talk in the corridor
about our families and children and her family member tat resides in Israel.
She was always very kind and ready to help and remember the names of
my children and my wife.
I will miss her greatly

Jennifer Fernandez

I was deeply saddened to hear of Filomena's passing away. I never ever expected such an untimely death of our dear colleague and friend. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Filomena was a close friend and great colleague to work with. She had a great sense of humor and was always joyful with a positive attitude towards life. She was an incredible and generous person with a heart of gold. She was like family ever ready to assist anyone in time of need. She will live on in our hearts forever. May God grant her eternal rest and may her soul Rest in Peace.

Elisa Morera

I was so sad to hear of Filomena's passing. I work at the York Bookstore, and Filomena always came to us for help with textbook inquiries. She was always so kind and so supportive of me and the team here. She always made the day a little brighter. She will be greatly missed.

Magda Szaki

It was a privilege to have worked with Filomena for 30 years. She always had a smile and was full of life. My heartfelt sympathies to her family.
Magda Szaki

Henry Kim

When I first started at Schulich and we were in the old building, Economics was pretty close to our area so I would have nice conversations with Filomena. She was so friendly and helpful. In fact, I had driven on the grass to get to campus to avoid the strikers and they had put spikes in the ground and so I got a flat tire. Filomena lent me her CAA card so I could get my tire changed. Plus I was told that Filomena was really really knowledgeable and she knew everything. The other thing I remember about Filomena was how proud she was of her daughter and her accomplishments. After moving into the new building, I didn't see her as often, but when I did she always gave me a status update and it was really nice to hear. She will truly be missed.

Lucilla Peter

Filomena was a very sweet person, cheerful & light hearted.
she is with full of energy & ready to help anyone in need. She was a leader as well as a casual friend. I came know Filomena thru' my friend at SSB. I will miss her very much. May her soul rest in peace.

Ashwin Joshi

Filomena had such a wonderful, warm, and generous spirit. I have lovely memories of sharing holiday lunches with her at the Schulich dining hall. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. My condolences to her family.

Sharon Chisholm

Filomena was one of Schulich’s original OG Admins, and ruled over Econ as the consummate “goddess” and professional that she was. Filomena was the soul of support when my son was critically sick and was a beloved “auntie” forever after. Her warmth will be sorely missed and I wish her family strength during this hard time and the blessing of happy memories.

Michelle Hughes

My deepest condolences to Filomena's family, friends, and colleagues. May her memory be a blessing. What a beautiful legacy she has left at Schulich and her community. The last time I saw Filomena, she allowed me to use the board room for an Admissions Interview and she proudly shared pictures of her family. She will be missed!

H. Ian Macdonald

I came to York University as President in 1974 and met Filomena at a University function not long after her own arrival. That day seems like yesterday and I think of her as a dear friend as contacts increased, particularly after my "retirement" when I had become her neighbour down the second floor corridor north of the Schulich Building. My deepest condolences to her family and countless friends.

Ian Macdonald