Walid Alhathloul

Walid Alhathloul MREI 2019
Walid Alhathloul

Walid joined the MREI program to expand his horizon in real estate and urban development, and to have a better understanding of the entire business cycle of the industry. He believes that the strong strategic foundation of the program will better prepare him for future challenges in an industry that is cyclical and sensitive to macroeconomics.

Walid focus has been on the potential small-scale acquisitions of income-producing real estate assets in Saudi Arabia through private equity.  Prior to that, he worked with Bank Alkhair, a GCC-based investment bank that focuses on strategic acquisitions in real estate and banking and with over US $500 million of Assets Under Management. During his period at the bank, he worked with the underwriting team for a partial issuance of the sukkuk (Islamic bond) of $1 billion for Dar Alarkan Co., a major developer in Saudi Arabia. The issuance, in which the bank was part of a consortium of international banks, was significantly oversubscribed.

In his journey in Canada, Walid wants to maximize his learning of leading edge ideas in the real estate market, where he can apply the concept of sustainable development of real estate with potential developers and investors in Saudi Arabia. He is also keen to connect and help interested Canadian and Saudi Arabian businesses to find the optimal channel to explore potential opportunities in both markets.

Walid holds a Bachelor in Management from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.